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By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

Like most artists and musicians, Henke Brannerydh has continually come up against a brick wall— trying to follow his passions and earn a living. He knows the day-in, day-out struggle of throwing his heart and soul into a project and not seeing any returns on his investments in time and energy--his life force.

Pindify is a platform that was engineered just for the purpose of being a stage, a platform—where artists, and entertainers could put a decent roof over their heads, and eat something other than canned beans for dinner. Pindify wants all creators to monetize their passions and we’ve created a business model where with effort, this is a real possibility.  

Meet Henke Brannerydh, the man behind the podcast Rockpodden. Hear his story about his struggle to succeed as a musician in the small town of Gävle, Sweden—to becoming one of the grittiest voices behind Sweden’s rock music scene.

Who is Henke Brannerydh? How does he utilize Pindify, and what does he see are future opportunities for Pindify Providers?

Meet Rockpodden’s founder.

Henke Brannerydh is from Gävle, a small town north of Stockholm, Sweden with 100,600 inhabitants—the oldest city in historical norrland and home to the largest straw goat you ever saw, 43 feet high to be exact (13 metres). (Some less civilized Gävle citizens try to burn down the straw goat every once in a while. But instead of hippies wearing crystals and loin cloths, Gävle citizens likely wear knitted beanies and mittens). Brannerydh grew up with a musical family and played the piano as a little boy.

But from a young age, hard rock always pricked Henke’s heart, and has it since been a huge part of his life—born and raised a true hard rocker. Maybe the appeal of hard rock was in part due to the sinister and relentless killing of the Gävle goat which is reconstructed every year—only to become an eventual victim of arson. Who’s to say? Part of Henke’s frustration was wrought when he discovered that living in the small town of Gävle, and being a musician trying to support himself financially seemed like mutually exclusive endeavors. He knew it was difficult to go far in any small town as a successful musician,  but he also had a sense that he was not sufficiently devoted to his passion for music. He explains he did not really invest enough in his music because the desire to financially support himself veered him in other “more sensible” directions.

“I was not ruthless and you have to be ruthless to even have a chance of succeeding as a musician. My problem was that I imagined working with other professions too and (in the music industry), with that attitude, you won’t go anywhere. As a creator and musician, you cannot focus on anything else in life other than your music. If you are going to succeed, a very strong dedication is required.”


At the age of 25, Henke gave up the dream of making a living from his music, and began working at a study federation where he organized concerts and events for artists and bands. He helped both beginner bands and larger more established bands with rehearsals, studio time, set them up with different gigs, and also created a collection of albums that became very popular. This job had the perks of hanging around and networking with talented musicians, and at the same time saw it as an opportunity to give back to the struggling musicians - as he was once himself.

By the time Henke was 30, he was burnt out of the industry and felt that he needed to do something more sensible with his life. He then started working in an office environment at the Swedish Migration Agency and unsurprisingly, after a decade working for “the man,” he quit—and with no real contingency plan and no network, moved to Stockholm. He managed to get an extra job in Värtahamnen, one of the largest cruise ports in Stockholm.

Henke makes his way to the world of podcasts.

As a sports fanatic, Henke listened to sports podcasts for years. He realized as a fan, there were no shortages of sports podcasts—and that the level of dedication sports podcasters gave to their niche, and to their fans—took years to cultivate. Henke loved geeking out about football and listening to various podcasts and tried, without much success, to find a decent podcast about the rock music scene. This was when Henke knew what he had to do. To follow his passion for rock music, Henke knew what he really wanted to do was to produce a podcast himself—where he could yak about everything there was to yak about rock music. Hells, yeah. Like a booze cruise on the ocean of podcasts, Rockpodden was born. The first episode of Rockpodden was released September 6, 2016.

Once Henke got down and dirty with the pod, he noticed that it was demanding much of his time and energy. But older and wiser, and having learned his lessons working for “the man,” Henke knows that following your passions takes planning. It takes patience, and it takes energy just as most creative processes do. He knows now that following your passions means dedication—and living your passions can be a reality if you love it enough.

In Rockpodden, Henke has provided a platform for the musicians he interviews to share their stories. His great respect for them and their artistry means he goes into great detail in his interviews and does all the work himself for the hour long podcasts. His great respect for musicians who follow their passions means his interviews are real and raw, and are high quality—he never wants it to seem like his podcast is merely a “hobby.” Since he knows that musicians who are passionate about their craft deserve nothing less than the most thoughtful and detailed interviews. He has a deep respect for that level of dedication to music.

“It is important for me to do this seriously and not as an unforeseen hobby project. It takes a lot of time, but I love it!”


Rockpodden on Pindify.

Henke's podcast is now being published on Pindify. He uses the platform to invite his most loyal listeners. He has many fans who write to him and who want to support and help Rockpodden—fans who actually understand how much time and effort goes into his passion and all that he does for the rock music scene. Like most other podcasts, they are available free of charge on various platforms where podcasts are available. Henke believes that his followers, who are dedicated rock fans, understand that he needs to earn revenue for the work he puts into the podcast. He sees the opportunities Pindify provides and mentions one thing that makes Pindify different from other platforms is that he can share his stories about the podcast’s behind-the-scenes creative process, not just the Podcast content. On Pindify, his fans can engage with him and help contribute to the cost it takes to create Rockpodden.

"What's perfect with Pindify is that you as a Supporter can come in and follow a few different creators that you like and then know that you every month are contributing to their work.”

To invite his fans to Pindify, Henke makes sure he shares links on both his preferred media channels but also via mail. He likes to make the process a bit more personal, so he prefers to send personal invitations via mail to his most loyal, and dedicated superfans. He also makes sure when he’s in social situations to talk about Pindify and how he sees it benefitting him and other creatives who have engaging stories to tell.

It is important that our Providers understand that the creative process takes time and effort, and if they are willing, Pindify can be the platform that will support them while they monetize their creative content. The time is now and shortly on the horizon where the public are coming to understand that the content they love to consume comes at a price, literally. Pindify is one platform where many creatives can congregate and share their stories as a way to build a community around shared interests and passions. Pursue your passion on Pindify. Share your stories. The global Pindify community wants to hear them!

Märta Hagberg