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Meet Snowy Shaw - The Original Meat Behind the Beat.

By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

"People think nothing of buying a coffee for 6 bucks, but they won’t pay 9 bucks for a song that a musician has struggled with - and poured their heart into its creation? I really do not understand how people think. Even people who’ve known me a long time are envious that I’m doing what I love with my music - that I must be swimming in money. Today’s music industry is different - this isn’t the 80s rock star life. It’s true that I’ve always done what I’ve wanted - but it’s come at a high price. I think what Pindify is doing for artists and other creators - helping them alleviate the burden of pursuing their passions by providing a means to earn direct revenue - is a big deal.  

Does a barista pour their heart into a cup of coffee? Maybe. But probably not.

Who is Snowy Shaw? How does he utilize Pindify, and what does he see are future opportunities for Pindify Providers?

Meet Snowy Shaw.

Snowy Shaw (aka Tommie Snowy Mike Christer Shaw) is a Swedish heavy metal musician who plays drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and vocals and has played in a long list of heavy metal bands. He’s collaborated with singers and entertainers like King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Dream Evil—all of the heavy metal genre. Think Doom metal, Symphonic metal, Gothic metal. Loud. Dramatic. Beaten, white-hot, and legendary. He has also performed and produced music as a solo artist. Snowy hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a character all his own—KISS with more grit. This may be because Sweden itself has spawned entire sub-genres of heavy metal. It must be a Viking thing. He is always busy creating new projects, energetic and multi-tasking. Not surprisingly, being a unique character, Snowy sometimes finds it difficult to hand over creative decisions to others -  which is why he mostly enjoys working on solo projects. Like many other creators and artists, he has grown weary of pursuing his passion and not seeing the return on his investments - and for all the effort he puts into his work, that is saying something tragic.

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As a kid who attended school in the 80's, Snowy was a natural leader and popular individual who was always full of new ideas. He has always liked music, no matter the genre.

"In my own music, I get influences from just what I grew up with and liked. That has been the basis for developing my own sound and my own musical palette. But hard rock, rock and glam pop are my ground, and (these genres) have particularly characterized the expression that suits my personality. Even in terms of my image-and how I have chosen to personify myself is derived from shock-rock and other 70's rock influences."

During Snowy's youth, a select group of bands and singers, including Magnus Uggla and the 80s band Snowstorm, began singing in Swedish. Magnus Uggla is a well-known Swedish artist who is best known for his big black hair and black pilot goggles. Many local artists started singing in Swedish around this time - which was a brave move considering the risk of alienating a wider, English speaking audience. But Snowy saw this as an opportunity and it inspired him to write lyrics in Swedish. Soon after that he also started practicing and playing the drums - the meat behind the beat. Long before he could play an instrument, he wanted to start a band himself. Snowy remembers always having a wild imagination - a catalyst he used shoot him off into his own creative worlds.

He quickly built a great reputation in the industry and toward the late 80's, as a more established entertainer, he joined the band King Diamond—a Swedish / Danish band who resided in LA at the time. He began an epic journey with King Diamond touring around the world as the drummer—which led him on to other projects.


As much as Snowy loved the opportunity as a drummer, he became dissatisfied with the lack of creative space and the autonomy of making creative decisions as a collaborator. Drummers often get the short end of the drumstick when it comes to being a full creative partner—which stifled Snowy’s natural ingenuity and imagination. This led him to learn other instruments which would be the tool he needed to learn music composition.

"I do not like not being able to make (creative) decisions, which is why I do not usually stay long in these bands. I know what I want, and I know that I am a person who has a lot of creative ideas, opinions and funny imaginative insights into everything from the album covers, to sound direction, to the style and aesthetics of designing and building the scene background on stage.”

Opportunities with social media and Pindify

In terms of social media, Snowy has kept abreast of the trends. He has noticed that you have to be careful not to post too little or too much. He has also noticed that there must be a value in what you post. In fact, he says, he’s discovered that there is value in publishing an unfinished product. His fans like it when he gets personal and shows something that is unpolished, for example—publishing a behind-the-scenes video. He compares it to being a fan of KISS and wanting to know what they put on their breakfast sandwiches. Snowy says he's not so selective about how he says things, but he writes exactly what he thinks, and he knows his fans appreciate that authenticity. Snowy believes that although social media can be confusing at times, he’s come to recognize it as a very good tool to gain more exposure as an artist, and become more engaged with your fans.

Snowy sees Pindify as a new form of media for the future. He sees it as the best combination of all kinds of different forms of media—but with more benefit to the artist. Pindify is where you can blog and upload exclusive material and where the artists actually earn direct revenue. Snowy, like many other creators, sees Pindify as the perfect tool for helping him pursue his passion for creative expression. Pindify is also more personal and Snowy knows it is more important than ever to engage with fans and followers—in an up close and personal way. And in order for them to have this exclusive access to their favorite artists and entertainers, they should pay for it. That way they receive exclusive content and the artist earns well deserved revenue. "You have to earn something from what you do as a creator, or how else you can produce something high quality?"

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"I do not understand why one should have a regular job and then go home and devote himself to his hobby and passion in the evenings. Can you not combine them and lower your standard of living and just devote yourself to what you are passionate about? I do not care about being wealthy, I only care about being able to continue doing what I love. Of course, you have to get money in order to survive. Your quality of life will not be good unless you get paid enough."

Pindify can act as the stage, the manager, the publisher, and the label so that Snowy can continue his solo projects as an artist and entertainer, and earn revenue doing it all. As a solo artist and instrumentalist, Pindify saves him time and energy—and he can see a quicker return on his investments. And then he has money left over to buy a six dollar cup of coffee.

"I've always done what I've wanted and liked, but it's has come at a price. I know that Pindify is the way to help me get somewhere better.”

Märta Hagberg