The Future is Collaboration and Shared Ingenuity.

By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

- according to the creators of the The Kollektive.

Pindify is excited to highlight the efforts of a group of creatives and athletes that call themselves The Kollektive. The Kollektive are professional photographers, filmmakers, creators, and athletes in the boreal forests of Sweden. The boreal forests form a ring around the earth at the highest latitudes. This harsh landscape is an ecosystem that sits just below the frozen latitudes of the earth’s tundra—where the subsoil is permanently frozen. It is no surprise then that humans that survive and thrive there are a gritty bunch—humans that transmute grit into creative artistry and extreme athleticism. The Kollektive’s purpose is to share their stories as creative Providers—with the hope to inspire others on their creative journeys.

Who are these people behind The Kollektive? How do they utilize Pindify and what do they see are future opportunities as Providers on Pindify?

Meet two of The Kollektive’s founders..

We sat down with Martin Olson and Darren Hamlin— two of The Kollektive founders. Martin formerly worked as a digital retoucher and went on to work in filmmaking and photography. Martin lives for the mountains and outdoors, which is why he moved to Åre—a small ski and mountain biking town in the boreal forests of Sweden. Since the 19th century, Swedish dignitaries and royalty were known to travel to Åre for recreation and “fresh air.”  Martin and Darren are inspired by this small village and its surrounding mountainous landscape—originally settled by Vikings over a millenia ago. This is where Martin and Darren shoot their greatest outdoor adventures—mostly inspired by nature and the extreme sports the natural environment requires of its bravest inhabitants. Darren previously worked on various outdoor commercial filmmaking projects for organizations such as the World Wildlife Foundation and The North Face.

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Martin and Darren met four years ago—called to work on an assignment together. This is when they realized their similar passions for the outdoors—and their ideas for forming The Kollektive began to kindle. The Kollektive became a way to collaborate and communicate their passions. Martin and Darren believe if you’re not open to collaboration, new ideas and leading-edge technology, it's going to be a long, hard road to success or financial freedom. They explain that in their industry, you need to be able to influence and inspire others in order to succeed. This is why they jumped at the opportunity to become Pindify Providers. They see Pindify as a way to collaborate and generate new ideas and share their stories. They believe this new kind of collaboration that Pindify inspires will open more doors for bigger projects to reach further, gain even more exposure, and attain their highest goals as creative providers and influencers.

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The Kollektive on Pindify

Martin and Darren see Pindify as a perfect platform for The Kollektive to craft their stories—using the various forms of digital media the Pindify platform provides. They can upload images, film, and their podcasts—The Kollektive also want to start working with musicians and bring them into The Kollektive. Pindify allows them to publish and collaborate and monetize their content. They agreed that the shared efforts of various collaborators allows them to split the earnings on various projects and pages in a simple and straightforward way. They shared an example that as a filmmaker, you often need music production or editing and it’s sometimes difficult as a small business to get your foot in the door and get your content produced and published. Martin and Darren see Pindify as an excellent resource that will allow them to reach out to other creative Providers for inspiration and collaboration.  

There’s a lot that Pindify has helped us with. The way we publish our online magazine has been completely changed. Our basic idea is the same but from the start we were supposed to publish on a website like a traditional online magazine. With Pindify we can instead release different sections in different formats. Sometimes we release a video, sometimes an image or text. It becomes a more natural flow and you can follow our story in a more interesting and exciting way.

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How do they invite?

The Kollektive shared with us some of their strategies for gaining exposure, followers and fans. They publish teasers on their other social media channels and mention to their fans and followers that they will be publishing the full story on their Pindify portfolio. In order to see the full featured videos, all their photography and documentaries, you must become a Pindify Supporter (a subscribing member). "In this way people are attracted to The Kollektive's Pindify Portfolio and that's how we've gotten our followers."

Pindify is privileged and honored to have The Kollektive as a part of our creative community. As early adopters, they’ll have the opportunity to carve their niche and influence our community in exciting ways. We are always looking forward to more content from The Kollektive. In their words,  

"There are great opportunities to reach out to new artists and creators, which is a way we value highly and facilitate our work as creative providers. We really believe that cooperation for creators is the future and that Pindify will have a significant and important role in that future world."

We agree. Check out The Kollektive and their premium content exclusive to Pindify.

Märta Hagberg