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By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

“I have a few different aspects of my personality that people have come to know me by. I am often very social and friends and family notice when I’m around because of my high pitched laugh--they can usually hear it from far away. This happy and social side is how most people know me but I’m also a person who always thinks and reflects a lot. And I can be fragile. Along my creative journey there have been times when I just want to quit everything. Fortunately, persistence takes over and I’ve always come to realize that I’m a person who wants to be free to do what I want to do--and that is keeping up with my music.”

Who is Natali Felicia? How does Natali utilize Pindify, and what does she see are future opportunities for Pindify Providers?

Natali Felicia (aka Natalie Bergqvist) grew up in Eskilstuna, a small city one and a half hour away from Stockholm. She moved to Stockholm as a 15-year-old to attend high school. It was there that music really piqued Natali’s interest. At the same time, she started writing a lot of prose and poetry and at school she participated in a writing club. She laughs when she tells that on Friday afternoons, the writing club would meet up and share their poetry. When she was 16, she got her first guitar and started playing at “open mic” evenings—a live performance where audience members—either amateur performers or professionals, can try out new material or make a plug for an upcoming show and are given the opportunity to perform on stage. Natali’s music teacher held those open mic evenings and gave her the opportunity to read her poetry and perform music. She often received a good response from the audience and was encouraged to play her music at these shows- which was when Natali really began to think about music as a career.

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How did it all start?

During her high school years In 2011, Natalie met Andreas Grube, a Swedish producer and songwriter, who she began writing with. She was introduced to Grube by an old friend, Sebastian Carlsson—of Swedish Idol fame. During this time of collaboration, was when Natali really began to formulate her own distinct sound as a musical artist and she adopted the stage name of Natali Felicia. She thanks Andreas for being such an important figure in her life—collaborating with her on formatting, producing, and creating music together.

Natali graduated from high school in 2013 and after a year long break of working and travel she commenced her working relationship with Andreas to continue pursue her musical dreams. She knew she needed to keep her head high in the cutthroat music industry and tried to prepare herself for what was to come. Still it was taking a toll on her self-esteem at times. She wasn’t getting the creative response and support she was looking for as an artist.

“The experience has made me stronger and I have learned a lot. Not least about myself, where I stand in this industry hysteria—and how I want to do things as an artist. It has been a roller coaster ride.”

During Natali's career as a musical artist, she has often received very good reviews- especially in London. She began traveling to London regularly, making different appearances performing live and interviews. Prior to the release of her first album, she moved to London and really feels at home among the Brits and the rain.

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Struggles in the music business.

Natali explains that she is and will always be a seeking person and artist who wants to develop all the time trying to be a hundred percent honest to herself in her creation. She wants to express herself as she want. She says it's easy to lose oneself as she has experience of getting to know what it's like in the incredibly tough music industry today. She has learned a lot about how the music industry works and that it can actually be quite horrible. There will always be lots of people who have thoughts and opinions about one's material.

"Sometimes the industry and the ride just becomes too much. This is the time to reflect and look back and remember why you started down the path to become a musician in the first place. Sometimes you have to just get out there and take a risk or let it burst trying. But the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.”


Natali thinks that Pindify is an incredibly good platform for expressing herself, finding exposure for her art, and for discovering other artists. She understands the struggles artists experience trying to pursue their passions. Natali talks about how many extra jobs she has had just to make ends meet. She currently works at a clothing store in Soho, London. But, she also says that if you want it badly enough and work hard, things will work out. She also has a page of poetry she publishes on Pindify—she writes about things that inspire her.

Natali is one of many struggling musicians who have a dream to be a full-time musician and artist and earn a living doing it. At Pindify, we want artists, entertainers, and musicians to understand it is possible to earn revenue from your published content. Being a musician is not as glamorous as many people believe. You have to be psychologically resilient to pursue your passion. It isn’t the path for the light of heart. Don’t let her high pitched laugh fool you, Natali Felicia follows her passions with a fire in her soul. Pindify offers a real clear model for earning revenue by publishing content on the platform. Do like Natali, create your Portfolio on Pindify, pander to your creativity and earn some money! Be heard, get paid.

View her musician page here and her poetry page here.

Märta Hagberg