Climb the Music Industry Ladder to Success in the Post-streaming Era.

By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

Göran has always been the person to lend a helping hand with his genuine and kind warmth. His driving force in life is to help newcomers to the music industry and give them a chance to succeed in music. He is a true advocate for those in need—and he sees Pindify as the future where—creators are autonomous and have the support of the platform to pursue their passions. With the current economy of the music streaming industry, musicians have a hard time getting paid for their music composition and production. This is why Pindify is the platform that Göran really believes has transformative power. The post-streaming era is upon us.

Who is Göran Florén and the Oxroad Studio? How does Göran utilize Pindify, and what does he see are future opportunities for Pindify Providers?

Meet Göran Florén.

Göran Florén was born in 1968 and comes from Stockholm. Internationally, he calls himself Goran Floren. He started playing music as young as 5 years old and his favorite instruments are guitar, bass, double bass, piano, keyboards and harmonica. Throughout his teenage years he played as a member of several different bands and composed a lot of musical numbers. He studied several music courses, including courses he attended at the upper secondary school of Södra Latin in Stockholma prestigious secondary school founded in the 17th century dedicated to arts education. Goran’s musical curriculum vitae is impressive.

The career that Göran had initially imagined for himself was to become a music educator, but just as he was beginning his training to commit himself wholeheartedly to music education, one of his bands was offered a record contract. This is when he was encouraged to set aside music education and dedicate himself as a songwriter and composerturned music producer.


Göran’s studio Oxroad Studio

Ever since Göran was 15, he had dreams of owning his own music production studio. During this earlier era of music production, utilizing computer technology was not an option for most people opening smaller recording studios. This was the era where music producers would sit live with reel-to-reel audio tape recordings, but this painstaking work did not deter him, and he started building his studio Oxroad Studio brick by brick. This project began as a labor of love for his own sake, first recording and producing what he loved. But after a while, smaller bands and musicians called on him to record and produce their demos and records in his little Oxroad Studio. Project by project, beginning in his early twenties, Göran has continued to fulfill his calling since - helping the little guys catch a break. Oftentimes Göran not only records and produces demos in his studio, he also acts as a collaborator and helps with artistic direction for those musicians that need a little input or feedback. He says he almost acts a bit like a "music psychologist" and that he has to bring out the best of the musicians to enhance their artistry. He thinks working with different people, personalities and groups are incredibly exciting and that is one of the reasons why he still loves what he does.

Göran has not only worked with smaller, niche indie projects but has been collaborator on larger national projects as well. One project Göran got excited about sharing with us was when he produced an album for a children’s song contest that was broadcast in Sweden and was presented on SVT (Swedish public television). On the album, children in the age 10-14 had wrote lyrics and melodies to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden which Göran had produced into ensembles and adaptations.

Göran is an energetic individual who likes to help others but who is also inspired by the energy and enthusiasm that drives newcomers to the industry. Goranthis mentor with gravitas, believes these newcomers’ openness and willingness to adapt makes it easier for him to produce something truly memorable and relevantwith a fresh and edgy approach.


Göran believes Pindify is the way forward

Göran was introduced to Pindify by a friend who shared with him the ingenious business model. This was Göran's “wow” moment. He thinks Pindify represents a way forward for smaller acts who want to gain exposure and rise to stardom, the tiny bands and the little artists who try to support themselves by pursuing their passions. He loves the philosophy behind Pindify and believes there is a kind of karma to it. We do too. Göran believes it is time for people to take back ownership over their creativity lives so they no longer have to struggle. Pindify allows creatives to have full autonomy over all their content and rights and that is something that Göran strongly believes in.

Göran has set up what he calls a “shop window” on Pindify. His portfolios, Oxroad Studio and Oxroad Records, where he has published some of his old projects but also posts occasionally on his newer projects he’s involved in. He believes that creativity is a process with some complicated steps and processes. He believes being privy to this process inspires others in their creative endeavors. He likes getting feedback on some of his unfinished work and likes to “talk shop” while he develops his projects.

Göran is genuinely interested in what Pindify has to offer creatives- so much so that he wants to help mentor artists to work actively with their Pindify profiles. He believes that if you publish your content strategically and wisely, Pindify can generate more exposure and definitely earn more revenue than releasing publications to other network channels. Today it's hard to cut through the crowd to earn a slice of popularity, and Göran thinks it's better to build your own fan base and own all the rights to your own material. Which is exactly what Pindify provides.

"That's why I believe Pindify is the future."

Märta Hagberg