Yes, chef!

Thank you for sharing your food…

For all you do for us—we would like to return the flavor...Did you like that cheesy yolk? New metrics seem to quantify success even in the culinary arts: streaming numbers, social media popularity, and wide online exposure are more important than ever. This seems ironic since sadly, we haven’t yet figured out a way to eat digital food. But you are working on your persona and your craft. A portfolio of sorts. We get it. Recipe sharing is a must. This way people can get a sense of your palate. Crafty photography is also an imperative since you must become a digital expediter of sorts. You want exposure and you would like it on your terms. What medium do you use for exposure? Pindify is ramping up to become the next arts and media platform that may just be a salve for some of your specific pain points as a chef, or would-be chef. That is whether you are a Sous chef, Pastry chef, Baker, or Pantry chef. Pindify may be able to handle your gripes in this competitive industry.

The culinary arts… if the rest of us are too lazy or inept to follow your recipes, we want to follow our digital noses and discover the most savory, sweet, and unique flavors do the cha cha cha on our palates. You put your heart on the line. Or at least your ego. Did anyone else notice? Well, we did. That’s why we created Pindify. We created a platform for providers of the culinary arts—artists just like you.

Chef’s momentum

Chef’s momentum


When something clicks and comes together, you just know it. It’s inspired. That’s what we are trying to create here at Pindify. Pindify is the next big digital arts and media platform—where you can earn for publishing exclusive baking, sauteing, and cooking content, and whenever your followers and supporters interact with your portfolio. We know you may have tried various media platforms to gain exposure or to share your best culinary creations with closest family and friends. We know a great deal about the arts and media, and we know all of our creators at Pindify curate their best art from the deepest parts of who they are.  After all, the author Virginia Woolf says, “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.” Feed us well. We know you will.


Be heard. Get Paid. Pindify

Pindify is a platform where you invite your most loyal supporterswho can interact with you as a culinary artist. And you can get paid doing it. You can also earn revenue from affiliate sales, trading, funding, and sponsorship. It is an exceptional time to arrive at this place in history and to be joining Pindify as a chef or a baker or a fry cook, or a food truck service...We have something special here at Pindify—digital advancements in technology and global connection meets personal, analog relationship building. Please invite and share our message in a way that enhances our culture, and promotes the free market platform we hope to provide for the world’s creatives—and the food you bring to the world. Join us and let us help you on your creative journey.

Be heard. Get Paid. - Pindify

Elizabeth Jarrard