5 Reasons You Should be Sad Sundance Film Fest 2019 is Coming to a Close

By, Elizabeth Jarrard

The Sundance Film Festival is in its 34th year of existence and is lauded not only for its quaint location nestled in the tops of the mountains of Park City, Utah but for the critically acclaimed films that debut at the festival. It is also America’s largest independent film festival. Utah is reportedly home of the “best snow on earth.” Utah citizen and founder of the Sundance film festival, Robert Redford is said to be retiring soon from acting but has been spotted in Sundance dining with actress and new SAG award recipient, Glenn Close.

You can’t very well call yourself a lover of film if you aren’t familiar with the acclaimed productions that have been released during the Sundance film festival’s tenure. Some of these include films,  like Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), Wes Anderson’s 13-minute short Bottle Rocket (1993), and Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides (2000).

Pindify has at least a couple of its tentacles in this part of the country with founder Christoffer Wallin living just over the other side of the ski resorts in beautiful Heber, Utah. Who may or may not have moved to Utah for the snow.

What should you try and catch at the tail end of this festival if you haven’t already been following the buzz? We highlight five great actors and the movies they star in that are in the running for several Sundance awards. If you’re not lucky enough to be in Park City, Utah this year, you’ll have to catch these films after they catch wider distribution. The actors and actresses that play central roles to the most popular films of Sundance Film Fest 2019 include:

Many Sundance movies also go on to win Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards, and BAFTAs. These big actors draw crowds and attention. The parties, the exclusive invitations, the schmoozing are all great for business. But this wasn’t the reason Oscar Award-winning Robert Redford founded Sundance. He founded it to give voice to independent filmmakers who were yet undiscovered. Perhaps a Pindify Provider who has a knack for storytelling and filmmaking will find themselves debuting their first film at the next Sundance Film Festival. We are proud to have a digital platform that could help make that dream a real possibility.

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Elizabeth Jarrard