Michel Young points to Pindify as his path to independence.

By, Elizabeth Jarrard and Märta Hagberg

Meet the singer/musician who goes by the name of Michel Young. This Swedish-born performer known to his family and friends as James Vasseur has his sights set high. He is passionate about performing; he’ll settle for nothing short of worldwide recognition, but he knows it’ll take a lot of work.

“I know it’s a lofty goal, but to be independent and successful, you have to be able to manage your own content, be yourself and follow your own instincts. Pindify allows me to do that.”

So, what’s Michel’s story, and how does he see Pindify helping musicians like himself achieve real independence?

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Michel Young, up close and personal


Michel (AKA James) spends his days writing lyrics and music in Alby, a suburb of Stockholm, and is happy to report that he is now doing it full-time and hopes to make the move to the States. He finds his muse by watching music videos and walking his dogs, and then let’s it simmer until oilà! Then, he heads to the studio to bring it all to life. It’s his passion, but he admits, nothing beats performing live on stage.

He began singing after high school; by the time he was 21, he was singing all the time. Back then, students would have to compose and then perform their own pieces, and at first, stage fright held him back. But with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, he gained confidence to move forward.

His experience with the TV show Swedish Idol had mixed results; while he did make it into the “group moment,” he forgot his lyrics, but thanks to that experience, his did find a manager–rather, a manager found him, and since then they have been producing music together.

Michel is living proof that a good attitude and a positive outlook can make all the difference. Even a fever or a broken leg can’t keep him from showing up at the studio!’

“There’s always more you can do–nothing can stop me!”

He admits that years ago, he was shy and nervous about performing. That’s now changed:

“When I’m performing, I just try to be myself, and let it all out. I dared to jump in and do it.”

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Success depends on independence.

Michel Young has now signed with an independent production company where he has a say in how his career will really take off.  As he says, “to really be independent, you need someone like Pindify at your side so you can plot your own course and ‘sing your own songs.’ I cherish the independence that Pindify has provided me.”



Märta Hagberg