Emil Grönholm. The story of an artist who dares to trust his artistic flow.

Dear Pindifiers, let us introduce you to Emil Grönholm, a Swedish portrait painter. Once he receives a request to paint someone he’s never even met, Emil is able to transmute all his creative energy and extensive painting skills into the portrait he’s painting--perfectly capturing the character and essence of that person.

by Artem Sahaidak and Elizabeth Jarrard

Emil is about to create something beautiful. Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

Emil is about to create something beautiful. Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

How everything started

Emil was born and raised in the small village of Leksand, Sweden and by purveying his works for the first time you might say something like, yes, his art is impactful and tell a story, but is he just another talented and gifted artist among many others? How exactly does Emil stand out from the crowd? Emil has a degree in professional decorative painting and in 2006 won the Swedish free decoration and color mixing championship.

Since his childhood, Emil has been honing his skills and is continuously working to make his creative mark in the world of fine art. The creative journey of Emil Grönholm began when his grandfather showed him some basic painting skills. This inspiration from his grandfather was a formidable force in Emil’s life which sparked his interest from an early age and continues to be a reminder of the importance of really imbuing his passion into his art.

Today he’s 30 years old and he is one of the most recognizable portrait painters in Sweden and for the past three years, he has been able to support himself financially as an artist. Over this period of time, he has produced several great canvases and curated an extremely successful project with the famous Swedish actor Kjell Bergqvist. This project propelled Emil into the limelight as a portrait artist--painting portraits of famous people and selling it to the highest bidder. All the revenue earned from this project has gone to charity--and so far, this project has generated more than 1 million SEK (9500 euro).

Pablo Picasso painted by Emil. Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

Pablo Picasso painted by Emil. Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

Emil’s approach to painting and artistic inspiration

Emil has curated his own style and brand of painting he is known for by using a very simple method. He says, “When you work on your canvas you shouldn’t have any boundaries in your head.” In other words, Emil sets the standard that there should be no restrictions, neither in methods of production nor in having a specific deadline to finish the work. Using your passion as your catalyst, Emil says this is all possible, and you should live that passion in the pure sense of the word.

Emil also makes the suggestion that trying to be as “productive as a copy machine” will create emotional burnout. Naturally, you cannot be creative all the time. Take a break if this happens in order to recharge your creative energy so you can call upon your muse once again.

Famous DJ Avicii painted by Emil Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

Famous DJ Avicii painted by Emil Photo: https://www.facebook.com/emil.gronholm.1

  • I do find my inspiration from my daily life. I am inspired by the life I live and people around me and it always stirs my imagination and strikes me every time!”

How Pindify can help you with that?

For now, Emil Grönholm displays his artwork at his own studio and showroom in the center of Stockholm and is constantly scrambling to keep his social media channels updated. He’s already gained some national recognition when he made the charity project with Kjell Bergqvist and now he sees Pindify as another opportunity to monetize his content. Emil sees being open to new modes of creation in the art industry should continue to be imperative for artists who want to compete in the digital age.

On behalf of Pindify, we want to thank our provider Emil for sharing his art and want to wish him much success on Pindify. We are here to support Emil and our other creative Pindify Providers as they gain the exposure they need and get paid for their efforts.

Be Heard. Get Paid.

Artem Sahaidak