Pindify: A Blue Ocean for Smooth Sailing. Part 1.

By, Liz Jarrard

Instagram is very useful for gaining wide exposure. Its interface and usability are attractive and seamless. Props to Instagram—hashtags and fun new additions to stories, and all the photo filters are all attractive and we at Pindify understand and respect the appeal. In fact, as much negative press as certain social media sites can get, Instagram and other network sites can have a positive impact on our mood and our lives when we share our highlights and greatest moments. This is one of the reasons these platforms were created in the first place. They were not initially set up to monetize content. But it seems as though advertising has taken over these digital spaces.

Researchers and economists have used a term called the Blue Ocean Strategy to highlight the importance of creating new digital spaces where the sharks of competitive digital market places aren’t sullying the water.

Photo:  Mantas Hesthaven  @mantashesthaven

Photo: Mantas Hesthaven @mantashesthaven

Pindify is a digital arts and entertainment platform with a number of innovations and capabilities to carry the digital media industry into the future where monetizing content is a transparent and fair process. In the meantime, we are transitioning out of an era where digital platforms earn unfair profits while the providers of original content suffer the consequences of this unfair distribution model. Pindify has created an open marketplace—our Blue Ocean Strategy.

Digital platform giants like Instagram and Facebook offer a number of ways to monetize content but those strategies are often opaque and the vast amounts of content saturation prevent talent from rising out of the bottom of the dingey ocean floor. Pindify sees these platforms as integral to the process of inviting existing fans and followers to transition to a new channel. This may seem like an uncomfortable process, but that need not be the case.

To strategize effectively, we suggest utilizing channels like Instagram to entice your most loyal fans and followers to Pindify. When your followers accept your invitation to Pindify, you will earn a large percentage of their monthly subscription when they opt to consume your premium content. Here you would create your own Portfolio where you can publish stories, podcasts, videos, images, audio files and ultimately monetize your content in transparent ways where you are a full participant in the process.

Since people more habitually check their Instagram, use this to your advantage to entice your followers to consume your newest content you want to publish on Pindify. And let Pindify be that platform your followers go for a fresh new way to consume your premium content.

Early adopters of Instagram continue to benefit from transitioning from MySpace, or Facebook for instance. But now it’s becoming more and more difficult to rise above the competition. Pindify has responded to these murky waters by creating clear, innovative models of monetization for those tired of cluttered, and highly competitive digital spaces.  

Pindify is a Blue Ocean unsullied by enormous market saturation where content providers have a clear strategy to content monetization.

If Instagram is the booze cruise, Pindify is the yacht. All aboard.

Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard