A Man and his Guitar

By Artem Sahaidak and Elizabeth Jarrard

It’s hard being a romantic these days—unless you’re a musician. Your lyrics might reflect on some fervent love interest in the past or someone in your present. Nobody would know the difference. In order to get your audience to listen to the stories you tell through your artistic expression, you have to be attractive as a performer and get them to believe the artistic persona you are curating. Mattias Lies is a talented musician from Sweden who tells his story through his music and tells them the way they should be told. Right from his heart.

How did everything start?

Mattias Lies Photo: by our Pindify provider  Georgios Grigoriadis

Mattias Lies Photo: by our Pindify provider Georgios Grigoriadis

For Mattias music has always been an important part of his life. As a kid, he used to listen to his Dad’s vinyl records from the 60s and 70s such as Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, and many others. He grew up in the small village of Sundborn in the heart of Dalarna—along with the wilderness that crept up to the borders of his village. Perhaps this wild call of nature helped him lock in on the muse that inspires his music. The catalyst for Mattias was the day he was handed his first guitar. Just imagine, you are 15 years old you have a rebellious soul, you are surrounded by wilderness in a small Swedish village with not much else to do. Mattias transmuted this teenage angst into practicing and later composing his own songs on his guitar.

On a dark winter night in 1997 and at the tender age of 19, Mattias performed for the very first time at Knappgården, a small venue located in the village of Särna.

“Calm” Photo by our Pindify provider  Georgios Grigoriadis

“Calm” Photo by our Pindify provider Georgios Grigoriadis

The excitement I felt whetted my appetite for more. A thousand gigs and four albums later I’m still doing this with increasing motivation. Through the years I’ve been playing live at all kind of venues and last year I did my first tour in the USA. I did several gigs in the North Carolinas and I have to say that I was amazed by the great response. I really appreciate the emotional generosity of the American audience, it’s really engaging.”

What is his creative process?

On his latest release “Arvet,” ( eng. the inheritance) Mattias engineered the recording and performed most of the instruments himself. Magnus Bergman at Little Big Pink Studio was the only other musician that helped him mix and master his album. He has yet to produce a fully collaborative project. Recording an album, mastering, and mixing the sound without others can be a daunting task—which is why Mattias expects to collaborate with other artists on future projects.

He finds his inspiration in various places and different situations. Mattias is that kind of person who considers himself a curious and open-minded person, always ready for new experiences. This natural spontaneity is another facet of his personality that works in his favor as Mattias indulges in this ethereal creative process that lends him life:

To me, creativity is like a living organism, like the seed of a flower but much more unpredictable. Pure creativity activates me like nothing else and I love to take part in the moments when my artistic and personal growth meet. These moments usually reveal a wider picture and explanation of what I’m doing. The creative energy, which flows between my band mates, the audience and me, is also a precious thing. “

What kind of struggles does Mattias have as a musician?

It’s a difficult thing to do to start out in an industry you know very little about but nevertheless, have a strong desire to follow the passion for your craft. Mattias found a way to maintain a music career for himself, but it hasn’t been easy. One of his biggest challenges he continually faces is to ensure he is constantly producing more content. He like many other professionals also finds balancing work and family a constant balancing act. But through his seeming failures, Mattias has found a way to harness his creativity and desire to gain more momentum as a musician and learn from his mistakes. This has allowed him to define success in his own way:

“There are different angles of what success really means. One is personal and another is commercial and I believe it’s wise to include both. I may not be the best example when it comes to being commercial but on the other hand, I’ve got my own way of doing this. As long as I love what I do I will also maintain my progress as an artist. I haven’t reached the billboards yet but who knows what the future will bring.”

As a performer and creative, Mattias realizes that the music industry is far from fair. It’s cutthroat in fact, and it’s easy to get cynical. The music industry dramatically changed with the advent of the internet and we now have limitless amounts of content. Competing in this industry before you’re signed with a label seems to be an insurmountable challenge. Attitudes towards music and its consumption need to change or we face running artists like Mattias out of business.

Mattias Lies' official music video for “Flow”
Produced, directed & edited by Phil Jamieson Assistant: Petra Heikkinen Music produced by Magnus Bergman, TST Studio

How Pindify can help?

Pindify offers endless ways to create content that will entice your fans and followers to engage with you as an artist-whether it’s a song, video or blog, you can create your own unique artistic mosaic that is your Pindify Profile. That’s why Mattias is really looking forward to meeting more of his supporters on his portfolio and share his art with his fans and followers.

“It’s a great platform for creative artists like me and it’s also a water hole packed with inspiration for everyone. I believe that Pindify has got the potential to become a revolutionary platform, a fair space where artists don’t get ripped off and where new kinds of meetings will take place.”

We want to thank Mattias for the time he took out of his day to chat with us and wish him best of luck as he seeks inspiration and follows his muse. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more of what he has to offer his fans and followers. May you book some amazing gigs, Mattias.

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The cover photo of the article was taken from Mattias Lies’ Facebook page

Artem Sahaidak