Evelina Nilsson's story - Don’t let your mind get in the way. Follow your creative intuition.

By Artem Sahaidak and Elizabeth Jarrard

Photo: Evelina Nilsson

Photo: Evelina Nilsson

We are excited to share a story about one of our Pindify Providers who is a professional skier and a passionate storyteller. This is the story of Evelina Nilsson, a dynamic human, and member of The Kollektive, a production company creating truly inspirational content, sharing fascinating stories of their adventures in the boreal forests of Sweden. As one of the creative contributors, Evelina produces video blogs, podcasts and publishes awe-inspiring photos of what inspires her most: mountains.

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“People are awesome.” Thanks to the advent of the world wide web, in today’s digital age we are inspired daily by human feats and creative endeavors that are shared with the world. Our Pindify Provider Evelina is one such human. She is a passionate outdoorswoman who lives and breathes the mountains and just talking to her gives you the feeling that she is really at one with the natural environment. You can feel that she is used to breathing pure oxygen. She emanates a very holistic vibe.

Photo: Darren Hamlin

Photo: Darren Hamlin

How everything has started?

There is something spiritual about a person who grew up in the shadows of mountains-those who are passionate about them. Evelina was born into a loving family in the northern parts of Sweden. Freedom of choice and freedom to accomplish her dreams and seek her own path has been Evelina’s lifetime companion. Her idyllic childhood was the gift of her loving parents who inspired their children to follow their dreams and who were always supportive of them doing so. Presumably, that has made a powerful impact on Evelina’s perception of the world. She gained inspiration watching her brothers and sisters grow and she gained a lot of wisdom at an early age. A family that plays together (in nature) stays together. This close relationship with nature and with her family has kept Evelina “grounded” and bound to the earth. Which has allowed her the stability to reach for the highest peaks on the mountain tops as an avid skier.  

“This is the art of riding, dancing the way down the snow,” says Evelina

Once you have freedom of choice and the freedom to follow the pursuits that you are passionate about, it frees you up to follow that inner voice of inspiration. That creative ether that alludes many of us. Following your personal life path begins by honing in on what lights your fire. When you gain that confidence and belief that your inspiration will lead you down the right path, the natural consequence is lot of faith and belief in and love for yourself. We all should be aware that on our life journey, we may fall and fail, maybe even a lot of the time. But our mistakes can be our greatest teacher.  

- “We are here to learn and express ourselves in our own unique way. There is no one like you. And that is so beautiful. We just got to leave the mind and follow the intuition. It always guides us to where we ”need” to be. Our first and foremost task is being. Doing derives from our inspiration. Sometimes one may get stuck, simply breathe, let go and come back to your heart.”

Photo: Peter Brockman

Photo: Peter Brockman

Evelina is absolutely ardent about mountains, nature, and the earth. She also loves the community of skiers who are an inspiration to her and who motivate her to push forward and create content that reflects her talents and passions. This creative community certainly has its own social culture. “The Kollektive” are continually creating and publishing content that exudes a unique voice that attracts viewers who become immersed in their various projects. They produce podcasts, video blogs, and photos, and most importantly, are authentic storytellers.

- I feel like creativity derives from our inspiration and it is nothing we can force. We just got to leave the mind and follow the intuition. It always guides us to where we ”need” to be. Our first and foremost task is being. Doing derives from our inspiration. Sometimes one may get stuck, simply breathe, let go and come back to your heart.

We live in a turbulent world where a lot of things are changing. Often, the world we see is a projection of ourselves and how we feel inside. It seems in the present moment, the world is simultaneously beautiful and often painfully chaotic. We are all trying to navigate the world that we live in and are a part of. Evelina sees our marketplace as a community of creative people who are inspired and desire to make a positive global impact. When we see changes that need to be made in the world, we should have the courage to make a critique, challenge an opponent, and stand up for our beliefs. We can display empathy for another’s opinion and views in order to find some common ground, but engaging in difficult discussions should be an imperative. When artists combine their voices and have a place to build community, their voices are more likely to be heard. As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. A manifesto of creative freedom of expression should be shared with the world.

How Pindify can help?
Pindify can be a really useful tool for sharing the content Evelina produces. It’s a platform for like-minded people where they can communicate their ideas and passions in virtually any format. We should all connect and create as a community. Evelina believes Pindify allows the opportunity to share perspectives and expose The Kollektive’s creative brand to the world.

On behalf of Pindify, we want to thank Evelina and The Kollektive for producing such inspirational content and wish you all the blessings of inspiration you need and the global exposure we’d love you to receive.

Artem Sahaidak