Consider Your Rank in the Market Feed

Pindify utilizes algorithms that adjust according to a profile’s overall popularity. The algorithms also adjust to the popularity of content published on a “card.” The most popular content and profiles rank the highest on the market feed—increasing visibility. Pindify Providers that utilize the platform most effectively rank higher on the market feed, gaining them wider exposure, and ultimately more fan interaction. Filters also adjust according to the content a fan or subscriber wishes to view in their feed. These filters can be adjusted at any time.

Remember, the more popular your Pindify Profile is in general, or the more popular a specific card, the higher your Profile or card will be ranked in the market feed. The more fans you invite, the more they interact with your content, and the more followers you obtain organically from inside the platform, the greater opportunity you have to attract new fans, build rapport, and monetize your premium content. Your ranking as a Pindify Provider will be shown next to your avatar on a card indicated by a five pointed star and a corresponding number, or under your profile name on your Portfolio.

A great strategy to begin increasing your rank in the market would be to attract fans with free content, and hook them with your premium content—converting them to subscribing Supporters. Utilize some of the tips we provide for invite strategy by following this link.

Be sure to interact with and engage your fans by following them back and replying to their comments. This will also increase your ranking. Generate polls and questions and track data using our Insights tool.

Let us know how else we can help you strategize. Click the link to ask a question. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elizabeth Jarrard