Strategize to Monetize.

Tips to attract followers to your Pindify Portfolio

Pindify is the digital platform for artists, media creatives, and entertainers with varying levels of expertise and from every industry who are looking for transparent and innovative ways to monetize their content, products, and services.

Pindify provides a number of innovative strategies for content monetization.

On Pindify, subscription fees paid directly to you is the way to winning:

For example, when a fan accepts an invitation from a Pindify Provider to join, agrees to pay a monthly subscription fee, and remains loyal to the platform, a relatively large proportion of that subscription fee is paid directly to the owner of that Provider’s Portfolio. Employing strategies and extending invitations to fans and followers will be integral to a Pindify Provider’s success.

Use other platforms to your advantage:

One way to strategize is to attract your fans and followers from your various networks and social media channels to follow the invite link we provide for you. (We provide you with that link after you have signed up as a Provider and have set up your profile and Portfolio). You can publish that link we provide you on your Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Facebook, or you can send the link via direct message or email. When an invitation is accepted via the link provided, that fan or follower will automatically be linked to your profile’s Portfolio. This is great news because once your fans and followers are linked to your Pindify Portfolio, and consume your premium content, you can begin earning revenue.

Your fans and followers can also share your link with their friends on their social network channels. This means the potential for revenue growth is exponential. Fans can also invite their network to subscribe to Pindify via that same invite link, which means there is potential for exponential revenue growth for Pindify Providers.

To get strategic and invite fans and followers to subscribe to your content, we highlight a few specifics.

Strategies for attracting fans and followers from your various platforms/channels:

Instagram. Whether you have a professional or personal Instagram account, when you publish a new instagram post, first edit your bio to include your new invite link and then reference this link in the text portion of your new post. The invite link you will include in your Instagram bio will look like this:

Facebook/LinkedIn. After you publish a new card on Pindify, include the link by copying and pasting it to the Facebook or LinkedIn post you wish to publish (including both personal and professional accounts). You can either share a specific card you have published on Pindify, or you can share your Pindify Portfolio. This way fans, friends, frenemies, and followers can follow the invite link and subscribe to both your free and premium content.

Share directly using share buttons. Using the share buttons, you can copy the link, email, or share a Portfolio or a specific publication to your Facebook or Twitter accounts by selecting the correct buttons.

DM the link. This is easy. Copy and paste the link from your Portfolio, and send it in a DM over any of the above channels, in an SMS text, iMessage, or email.

We’ll keep you updated on more strategies, or if you have questions, click here and we’ll get back to you!

Let us know if you’ve come up with any yourselves we could include in an update of this article!


Pindify Communication Team.

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Keep thinking and we’ll continue to help you strategize.

Elizabeth Jarrard