Need Some Insights?

Need some insight to increase your ranking on the market feed? Use the Insights tool.

In order to survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, organizations across the arts, entertainment, and media sectors need an effective fan-centric strategy. Pindify is doing just that.

Utilizing the Insights tool to your advantage will maximize your fan-centric strategies.

First of all, why do we ask you to use these tools to help with your monetization strategy? You are in control of your content and how you want to earn revenue. This is a hands on process where the harder and smarter you work, and use the tools to your advantage, the higher your ranking will be in the market feed, the more visibility you will gain, and the more likely your fans are to share your content and your invitation link with their networks.

Where is the Insights tool you ask?

Where do you find the Insights tool? Firstly, login to your Portfolio or any of your additional Pages, the Insights tool can be found on the top menu bar.  This is the dashboard. Select the button which has the name of your main Portfolio page and an arrow pointing downward. When you select the dashboard arrow, a window will pop up with some additional icons in the upper right hand corner of the menu. The Insights icon looks like the odometer on a dashboard. It is located to the left of the gear or edit icon. Select the Insights icon to view data regarding specific publications or your various Pages or main Portfolio. Once there, use filters to view dates of publications and views, demographics, and learn more about your fans and followers and what they are consuming.

And how does the Insights tool work?

This analytics tool gives Pindify Providers access to all data regarding your Portfolio, any additional Page Portfolios, and your individual publications (cards).

Determine what is less popular and what is trending so you can increase your ranking, gain more exposure on the market feed, and ultimately have the opportunity to earn more revenue. You can also track your superfans and invite them to share your content. The Insights tool also distributes demographic information such as age, gender, and location.

You can also make an analysis of individual cards you have published and determine which demographic consumes particular types of content. Use this information to your advantage. Engage with your fans and ask them questions to determine what they would like to see. The Insights tool gives great information. Use it to your advantage!

Elizabeth Jarrard