Top 5 Ways to Be Heard..Increase your exposure and attract more fans.

Want to be heard? We researched the best ways for you to gain more followers and increase exposure as a Pindify Provider.


Engage with humans: As a Pindify Provider, it is crucial to engage with your fans and followers and “get personal” with their level of engagement. Founder of the satirical Instagram sensation Overheard, Jesse Margolis says fan interaction is crucial, “Have a conversation with your audience...and interact with the people that support you.” Pindify has added features for you to engage with your fans and followers. Ask them questions and/or ask for feedback. Follow their accounts, like them, make comments, and if they share content, return the favor by sharing theirs. We call this a “fan-centric” strategy.

Offer something unique and authentic for your audience: In order for your audience to begin engaging, you’ll want to pique their interests with unique content that is truly representative of your values as a creator. How can you find a niche area within your area of expertise that you haven’t yet explored? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about a new project but are stuck in your usual “tried and true” methods. You’ll never know unless you “give it a go.” This also might mean that you cannot be everything to everyone. Being authentic to your brand and “niche” might mean that you have a smaller audience, but it might also mean that these followers are truly more dedicated fans.

Follow the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle): Understand that roughly 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Or 80% of your traffic, leads, etc., comes from 20% of your content. Use the Insights tool to maximize exposure and use this information to your advantage.

Partner intelligently: Warren Buffett has said, "really successful people say no to almost everything." That’s almost. Collaborate with other Pindify Providers who can add value to what you’re publishing. Say yes to opportunities that excite you. This adds “synergy” to your creative projects, in other words, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Build your brand and be aware of innovative ways to expand: A brand or “identity” must communicate the soul of what you’re creating. If you really hone in on this essence, you will attract loyal fans and subscribers. Always remember aesthetic is very important in the digital era. Use quality photographs to ensure your brand makes a positive visual impact. Remember these important points to build a strong brand:

  • Be honest. This includes being honest with yourself. Expand conscientiously without “selling out” your “core” identity.

  • Know your fan base. You can use the Insights tool to discover more about your fans and followers. Use this information to make your interactions more impactful.

  • Be unapologetic. In this sense, you want to be confident that others will be fans of the things you’re passionate about.  

Hope this helps. Look for our next post on ideas to generate more traffic and more effectively monetize your content so you can get paid.  


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard