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We feel your pain..

By Elizabeth Jarrard

Well, really we don’t. For all you do for us when we’re down in the dumps, you’re a fairly misanthropic bunch. What else can we say but that we would like to exploit your talent for our gain? The world needs your misanthropy to remember you’re more miserable than we are, and that’s why we love you. You have a knack for turning our frowns upside down. Many thanks.

You may be a comic, or an anti-comic. Narrative, or stand-up in the structure of your format. You may be the modern Jonathan Swifta sage truth-teller, comedians willing to point out things about society that society itself cannot bear to talk aboutcloaked as whimsical buffoonery. Not in print form, but performed on stage. In front of a live audience. Willing enough to make a potential fool of yourself for the common good. Or you may just be the puristin an egotistical search for the basest yuk-yuk. Respect. Comedy is one of the most effective mediums society has to push back against social norms and throw that latest taboo under the bus.

Photo:  Emmanuel  @axville

Photo: Emmanuel @axville

The world needs you. So how do you get exposure? (Not that kind of exposure). Like any and every industry these days, you need to utilize a digital platform of some kind to stay relevant. And often finding the right platform where you have a digital presence that does it all can be a time-consuming but ever-present reality.  

New metrics seem to quantify success: streaming numbers, social media popularity, and global exposure (or at least to begin with, a decent local presence) are more important than ever for those in entertainment. Pindify may be able to handle your gripes in this competitive industry. Pindify is a digital platform where you utilize fan-centric strategies to monetize your creative content--from the raw-uncut drafts, the live-streams, to the final performance. You can bait your audience with free teasers, and then ask them to help financially support your best content. That’s only fair.

Comedy...the art form where you must be fundamentally social. Even as a misanthrope (or you could be the comedy nerd). The presentation of your particular form of comedy is fundamentally a part of who you are. You put your heart on the line. Or at least your ego. Did anyone else notice? Well, we did. That’s why we created Pindify. We created a platform for providers of yuk-yuks just like you.

So here we are.

When something clicks and comes together, you just know it. It’s inspired. That’s what we are trying to create here at Pindify. Pindify is the next big arts and media platform—where you can earn for publishing exclusive content, and whenever your followers and supporters interact with your content. We know you may have tried various media platforms to gain exposure for your contentand at this point you may be wary. We get it. We understand how many hours you pour into a project. How your best material is usually created from the deepest parts of who you are. Or not, just make us laugh.

Photo:  Noah Black  @noahblack

Photo: Noah Black @noahblack

While we cannot guarantee success in the world of comedy—whatever metrics are being used to measure it—we are here to support you as you put your heart on the line. Pindify is a platform where you can curate content that reflects your best work as a comedian that material that makes the audience have to spit out their drink to blast a chortle out their guts. That passionate work that lights your fire. You want more exposure? You want to monetize your content, and you want to engage with fans. Pindify can help.

Pindify is a platform where you invite your most loyal supporterswho can interact with you as an artist and experience and support you as a comedianwhatever genre you pursue and a secure marketplace where your most exclusive content is protected. And you can get paid doing it. Our global community is ramping upand we expect big things. We need your yuk yuks.

Be heard - Get Paid

Elizabeth Jarrard