Top 5 Ways to Brand Effectively

Why is building a brand so important? And what is a brand, exactly?

There is a popular notion that many creative people really get lost in the process of a brand building because of the risk that marketing your creative projects can come at the price of your authenticity. Marketing can sometimes feel like a phony process for many creatives. Publicizing and monetizing can seem daunting for those who might be uncomfortable taking their product to sell at market, whether it is a digital market or not. Marketing can sometimes feel like a phony process for many creatives. But if you leave that process up to someone else, you may lose some of the artistic and creative control of voice and the esthetic you are no doubt carefully curating.

Pindify’s digital platform is sleek and minimal in its design and the platform features means if you employ an effective strategy, you can really do minimal branding and still be effective at monetizing your content (read our article on strategies to monetize your content here).

With that said, branding is a necessary evil, even as you publish your content on Pindify. And it is important for a number of reasons. You want your fans and followers and those who’ve never seen or heard of you to remember you. A logo or a catchphrase can be very effective tools to remind potential customers of your existence and are often essential components of a brand. Branding is the overall experience you offer your consumers. There is a lot of content out there in the digital world so you will need to differentiate yourself as a creative or entertainer. Let’s go into detail.


Here are the top five ways we give you to brand effectively:

Know what you have to offer and exude confidence:

Understand just exactly who you are as a creative or entertainer, whatever your genre or industry. Really hone in on your niche and mirror that in your logo design and your written voice. This includes understanding and standing up for the values you believe in and aligning all your messages with your values (both visually and linguistically). Word choice can matter very much. Be consistent with your message so that you will leave an impactful impression. Understand that you may not be everyone’s “favorite,” but you don’t need to be everything to everyone. You just need to promote an honest representation of who you are as a creative, and you will curate a following of loyal fans and subscribers.   

Make it personal:

Successful branding means your strategies should feel personal. Your most loyal fans that subscribe to your content do so because they identify with some or all of your content.  This content just “speaks to them” (look at our blog post where we talk about the 80/20 rule). You should also engage enough with your fans that they have a say in the creative process. Ask them questions about their favorite content you’ve published, and ask them what they would like to see more of. That will allow them to feel like they are valued as they interact with you, and are co-creators in your brand building process. Give them reasons to participate and engage with you as a creative.

Check the demographic trends of your followers to see if you can tweak your visual or written message:

Your brand is like a living, breathing entity. And it needs attention from time to time. If you don’t keep abreast of trends (staying ahead and/or trendsetting), your content may remain dormant or even atrophy. Our Insights tool can help you see how to tailor your brand or voice to different demographics. And as your brand continues to grow, so do the expectations of new fans and followers. Determine levels of fan engagement, create new opportunities for them to involve themselves, and stay committed to your values. And tweak as necessary.

Adopt an identifiable esthetic:

And always use high-quality photos. Use digital photos and images that reflect the personality of your brand. Be conscientious about fonts and color palettes that exude a “mood” or “style” reflecting your personality and/or values. Make your content stand out from the crowd and use catchy titles for your respective publications.

Share your wisdom and talent:

This might seem obvious but the thing that matters most is your actual content. You have a passion to share with the world and you have the gall to try and pursue and share it, daring to ask your fans to support you. That’s saying something. Do what you do and do it well. And the brand will speak for itself. Your fans will always respect your integrity for following your passions and working hard at sharing it with them.

As always, we are grateful to all our amazing Pindify Providers and are excited to be building this platform along with you.


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard