International Cupcake Day Nonsense

Did you know June 13th is International Cupcake Day? Using the “calendar” to help you monetize your content can boost your exposure, and on Pindify, that can add up to more earned revenue.

5 creative ways to monetize your cupcake content on Pindify:

Musicians: Write a forlorn song about your ex-S.O. and that time you met over coffee and lavender cupcakes. Kill ex-S.O. with kindness by publishing teasers of the song on your social media channels and use creative ways to send them over to your Pindify Profile so that ultimately, your ex can listen to your exclusive content. That beautiful song you wrote with those sappy lyrics will most likely get them to crawl back to you on their hands and knees. Hey, it could happen (and they have to pay you directly to listen to it).

Writers: Write about everything patisserie, coffee, smells, the most interesting people and what they’re wearing, their affect and mannerisms, and all the dramatic overheard conversations over cupcakes. Then use your channels, blogs, or writing portfolios to extend an invitation to your Pindify Portfolio where your readers can subscribe to your exclusive Pindify content. You could do an in-person live-stream reading of your 1k word post on cafes and cupcakes, and publish it as an exclusive to earn money on Pindify.

Butchers: So cupcakes and beef probably don’t go well together, but you could still vlog about your premium cuts of beef, and the whole process and economy of “free range” organic beef  while eating a cupcake. You can even sell your premium cuts using Pindify’s e-commerce, and set your customer base to local so you’re only seen by local Pindify Supporters. Pindify is a marketplace for all types of creatives, and being an entrepreneur of any kind is a creative process, after all.

Bakers: This one is easy if you’re a baker of cupcakes. Please provide us with a lesson on how you do your thing. Use your personality, show off your personal flair, and talk about why you love making us all fat with your delicious, creative baking. Be one of the first bakers to take on the Pindify marketplace as an early adopter, and gain a loyal following and earn revenue via fan engagement from around the world. Maybe you live in a small town in an obscure part of the world, but your baking abilities are out of this world. We want your exotic cupcake recipes, and no need to give away the family recipes for free. Entice your followers to pay you directly for them.  

Candlestick makers. Do you have a delicious smelling cupcake candle to sell? For those of us who want to watch our waistlines, but still love the comforting smell of cupcakes baking in our home, decorative homemade soy candles are the go-to. We can breathe in the scent while we eat kale. Collaborate with another Pindify Provider who is a local artisan and team up with them to discover creative ways to sell your products in a collaborative online shop in our Marketplace. Share fans with your co-creator and gain more exposure this way.

There are so many innovative ways we’ve thought of to monetize your creative content on Pindify. We hope we’ve given you some ideas that you can use, not only for International Cupcake Day, but for all the obscure holidays we humans love to celebrate all year round. (Like “Take Your Pants for a Walk” day).


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard