A Digital Marketplace? What is That?

One essential innovation…

that sets Pindify apart from other subscription based digital media platforms is our Marketplace. Pindify sees its digital Marketplace rather like an open air market where harbingers of every genre and industry can promote their brand and earn revenue from marketing their content. Instead of carts, trolleys, or food trucks, every Pindify Portfolio represents a brand, an individual artist, or a collaborative project published by our Pindify Providers. This content is published on “cards.” These digital cards have a number of functions. They can also be shared on various social media platforms, and the links to the cards can also be shared, as well as links to a Pindify Provider’s Portfolio.

Use the various filters to populate what content (cards) you want to see published in your Marketplace feed, and as a Supporter, you can help boost the exposure of your favorite artists, performers and entertainers by sharing and interacting (like, comment, and follow). Also, discover and support new artists in different genres by consuming and interacting with their content.


Pindify Providers can use the Marketplace to their advantage by collaborating with other Pindify Providers and creating a new Portfolio for their collaborative projects. Get inspired by other Pindify Providers and see how they’re using the platform to their advantage to manage their content, gain Sponsorships, and promote their work on their various social channels.

The Marketplace is free for anyone to peruse. Paid content published by Pindify Providers requires the consumer (whether a Provider or a Supporter) to pay a subscription fee, and Pindify sees this as an innovative strategy that allows our Pindify Providers to be heard, and get paid to pursue the things they love to create.

Ranking in the Marketplace feed also helps our Pindify Providers gain exposure, popularity, and earn revenue from their content. Learn about tips to increase ranking in the Marketplace feed here. We have published articles on how to invite from other social channels to get you started. Our blog also contains resources for artists and entertainers in numerous genres which gets specific about tips and tricks you can use to monetize your content, and ultimately, get paid.


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard