Sponsorship contributes to revenue monetization on Pindify

Earn revenue on Pindify in a number of ways. Don’t just think about monetizing, think bigger: Merchandise your brand as a creator.

Sponsorship is just another way for Pindify Providers to earn revenue using Pindify’s digital marketplace. In addition to receiving revenue from monthly subscriptions, Pindify Providers may earn revenue from affiliate sales and financial services (e-commerce will be implemented later this year). Sponsorship is just another ingenious way Pindify has created for Pindify Providers to monetize creative content. In order to thrive today as professionals, creatives must use digital media to implement vital strategies which generate additional income streams.


How does Sponsorship work, exactly? 

Brands (or other Pindify Providers) will be able to view data on your ranking, engagement, performance, and your fan segment(s). 
Once they determine there is a match, you will be offered a proposal to sponsor your published content.

This brand offers a price per publication and the duration they want to sponsor the content, by the amount of views, or clicks (i.e. $10 for a publication multiplied by 10 days).

You may select what types of brands may connect with you. Select the amount you will accept as an offer. Also select whether you would like brands to automatically connect to your preselected terms, or whether you will accept each offer individually. 

An accepted offer becomes a “sponsored” campaign, which then connects the brand message to your publication. This campaign is obligated to follow Pindify’s general terms and agreement conditions for both parties.  

While the campaign is running, unless you delete your publication or the campaign reaches its goals, in either duration, clicks, and/or views, you will earn daily revenue that will be banked in your Pindify account.  

Pindify's mission statement is to provide the opportunity where 300,000 content providers are earning at least $3000 per month. As a financial feature of our digital marketplace, Sponsorship gets us closer to that vision. For more information about how to use Pindify in many other innovative ways, check out our blog article, Strategize to Monetize here


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Elizabeth Jarrard