It's Raining Money: Top 5 Ways to Get Paid on Pindify.

Pindify has created a digital platform where our content providers earn at least $3000 per month monetizing publications and content. We’ve made the process seamless.

Pindify is the digital marketplace providing direct monetization of premium content for providers of arts, media, and entertainment (Pindify Providers).

In the digital era, many creatives and entertainers in various industries are not earning the money they need to thrive on a living wage. Full-time authors of fiction, for instance, earn only slightly more than $21k US per year. Full-time musicians can earn slightly more, at around $40k on average. But most creatives have to swing day jobs to pay the bills. This is why digital platforms are becoming essential to a creative person’s bottom line.

Pindify has a few potential competitors that are subscription based. We admire what these platforms are doing, but we also see a few gaps in their strategy:

Our potential competitors mainly monetize:

  • In exchange for publishing exclusive content. These users (content providers) entice their fans to support their favorite provider with a paid monthly subscription.

Pindify is different because we monetize:

  • Not only from earning via subscription, but Pindify Providers also earn via branding and financial services.

  • In addition to paying monthly subscriptions to support their favorite artists, Pindify fans (we call them Supporters), are also welcome to peruse our “Marketplace” where they can support other artists and creatives who are Pindify Providers. These Supporters can filter through any content they would like to support and even engage with, which translates into additional earned revenue for the Pindify Providers who publish their content in the Marketplace.


Think about publishing your content as an essential component of your business, and everything you do on Pindify is in service to that business.

With that said, Pindify has streamlined this process to monetize creative content published on the platform.

Learn the top five most effective ways to earn revenue on Pindify:

  • Invite.

    • Earn from fan membership subscription fees. We call fans, “Supporters.”

  • Club/support/membership.

    • Maintenance of your brand and fan engagement.  

    • The more your fans interact, the more you earn.

  • Group/Collaboration.

    • Team up with other Pindify Providers and split the earnings democratically.

  • Ecommerce.

    • Sell your merchandise, tickets, and exclusive content and products.  

And our feature that is soon to be implemented on Pindify:

  • Sponsorship.

    • Sponsor other Pindify Providers.

    • Acquire Sponsorship via brands and labels.

We go into more detail about how to use our Insights tool to your advantage here, as you strategize to monetize. If you have any other questions about how to brand effectively, how to gain more exposure in the Marketplace, or how to obtain Sponsorships to boost your publications, feel free to contact us directly so we can answer your questions or direct you to more resources, here is our: FAQ.


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard