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Don’t give up on your dreams. (Keep chasing them).

People give up on their dreams. Every day. For one reason or another, the light in their soul goes out like a whimper. Or sometimes it’s violently snuffed out with one massive, life-altering rejection. And who can blame them? Many of us are in the same boat. But some of us are not. Why do so many people give up on their dreams? There are probably many practical answers to that question. One answer might be that many tend to listen to the advice of others who’ve tried something and failed, and have given up themselves. There are many others though, that despite the odds, have been able to accomplish amazing feats, “failing” all along the way.

Perhaps the difference between those who follow their dreams, and those that do not, is having the wisdom to listen to the right voices, and tuning out the wrong ones. First of all, listen to your own inner voice, and second, listen to those people who reinforce your desire to follow your dreams and pursue your passions (and please don’t forget the hard work and make sure you implement helpful critiques that could make you better at your craft).

phot cred: Pietro Mattia/Unsplash

phot cred: Pietro Mattia/Unsplash

“The first move toward mastery is always inward — learning who you really are and reconnecting with that innate force. Knowing it with clarity, you will find your way to the proper career path and everything else will fall into place.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery.

Like they say, luck is what happens when preparation (hard work, dedication, ferocity) meets opportunity. But you can’t go after something with ferocity if you aren’t passionate about it in the first place.   

We wanted to highlight a few people in the media that, in spite of their many obstacles, have unfailingly pursued their passions.

  • Peter Dinklage, winner of more than one Golden Globe for playing a central role in HBO’s massive series, Game of Thrones (2011), had to fight to survive as a burgeoning actor. Prior to landing his role as Tyrion Lannister, Dinklage refused scripts that cast him in roles he thought were demeaning. Born with a genetic condition that limits height and limb growth, Dinklage was often offered roles that cast him as an elf or dwarf. Because of his stubbornness, Dinklage was living in utter poverty. Barely surviving in his dingy Brooklyn apartment, he had rats crawling around the inside of his oven, and had a knife pulled on him at the building where he lived. But he persisted. His ferocity of character earned him great respect among his peers, which is why he was finally discovered by actor Steve Buscemi.  

  • Musical artist Lizzo is smashing race, gender, and body image stereotypes. She proudly inhabits her greatest assets others might see as potential barriers to success, and is an outspoken advocate for loving oneself. She came from a very religious background, and her parents never allowed her to listen to anything other than gospel music. She grew up dedicated to the flute and played in a marching band, and in high school was eventually introduced to hip-hop, which is when she began rapping. Then at age 21, her father passed away and she ended up homeless, which is when she determined she would triumph over her obstacles. Now, she is not only smashing stereotypes, but she’s smashing records in the music industry, and always remembers to incorporate the flute in her tracks.

  • Ryan Doyle, a freerunner, martial artist, coach, and actor from Liverpool, England has poor eyesight but this hasn’t impeded him from pursuing his passion as an extreme sports influencer. Doyle is the founder of the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation and was a central figure in MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Ryan also has the foresight to influence those who come from less advantaged backgrounds to participate in things they love to do. His many fans obsess over his crazy feats he posts on his social media channels. One of Ryan’s most powerful messages he teaches is learning simply, “how to fall properly and overcome obstacles.” This is figurative and literal for Ryan, “teach them HOW to fall,” he says, emphatically.

Many researchers agree that finding your life’s calling and pursuing it to its fullest indicates that life will be full of satisfaction-because by doing so, we can create great meaning in our lives.

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Not only is it wild and crazy to follow your dreams, but to have the gall to earn a living doing it. It’s not for the faint of heart. You belong here.


Chase those dreams.

Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard