Collaborate with Co-creators by using the Co-Ownership Feature on Pindify

by Elizabeth Jarrard

Pindify has designed innovative features that make it easier to earn revenue from your creative content. An important innovation is our Co-Ownership feature. In this article, we highlight the reasons why co-ownership matters to our Pindify Providers.

You want to create a unique project - something that deserves to be seen! Heard of the concept of synergy? Synergy says the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Creatives inspire one another. Creative collaboration creates synergy. This is why we developed the Co-Ownership feature on Pindify - and why it should be implemented into a solid strategy to monetize creative projects and content on the platform. 

Collaborate with more creators

Thanks to the development of our partnership feature, Pindify Providers, whether they represent a business or are a freelance artist, can now share income for each co-owned portfolio and any co-owned published content. 

Collaborate and network with other PIndify Providers and share co-ownership and revenue. The idea of using a digital platform to share co-ownership to generate new collaborative creative projects was the brain-child of our founder Christoffer Wallin - a coder, an economist, and also a musician himself. He found that by collaborating with other artists and creatives, we can create new stories - yet to be told. Creatives inspire one another. 

Discover both new artists and unique content shared by our talented content providers (Pindify Providers), and make an offer to collaborate with them on a creative project. Prior to publishing, each collaborator selects the terms of the co-owned project, and any earnings will be automatically distributed to each collaborator. 

There are other reasons collaborating with other Pindify Providers using the co-ownership feature will benefit everyone involved:  

First of all, there are two distinct ways to earn from the co-ownership. Pindify Providers can earn from a single publication. For example, a co-produced single on an EP can be split and the revenue from that EP would be shared between the collaborating artists. Secondly, individual Pindify Providers can earn revenue from an entire project published as an entire Portfolio, such as a band who creates and publishes their EP, a record, their live-streams, etc., and wants to split the revenue democratically, or based on the contributions of each individual band member. 

Collaborating and co-owning allows Pindify Providers to attract a wider fan base. 

Everything published on the Pindify platform populates the Marketplace via a democratic ranking system and filters customized by the user. Ranking in the Market feed is calculated based on a Profile or Portfolio’s overall fan engagement and the level of commitment to a Profile’s published content. By collaborating, you are generating more traffic to your content, and thereby increasing your ranking in the market feed. 

Depending on the Portfolio's ranking, publications reach local, national and global market feeds.

Fans following specific Providers and their portfolios will always see 100% of those publications populated on their "home feed." Collaborating with other Pindify Providers will ensure your content is viewed by any loyal subscribers your co-owner has maintained - widening your own viewership. 

Co-Ownership is just another innovative strategy Pindify has implemented to help our Providers transform their dreams into stories - stories to be shared! 


Be Heard. Get Paid.

Elizabeth Jarrard