Why should you use Pindify?

You are a business — a record label, an ad agency, or a coworking space, for instance —  in the media field, and you work together with other businesses, artists, and influencers to reach your target audience. You are supposed to represent creatives to the larger business world, and you always have to come up with new ideas and strategies for them to continue being relevant and interesting in the media landscape.

All of the campaigns, commercials, events, and strategies that you create are unique, and reflect back on your reputation in your niche. It’s time to gather these various threads into a beautiful — and persuasive — tapestry.

Building a persuasive portfolio

On your website, you proudly display your best partnerships, where anyone can see what kind of campaigns and work you specialize in. Short videos, pictures and copy demonstrate your credibility. These portfolio introductions are actually as valuable as the campaign itself. The behind-the-scenes material showing your process also add a lot of value for your potential clients. These portfolios evangelize your mission.

At Pindify, we know that it is a strenuous competition to win clients, and that there are many other agencies fighting for the same customers. If you had a profile on Pindify, you would be able to make money directly from showcasing your custom portfolios.

Pindify can serve as your business’s personalized blog + portfolio + platform, an all-in-one shop where you invite your fans and customers to follow you. When you post material from the making of your projects, customers connect with your philosophy and vision. This convinces them why your work is relevant.

Claim the leading edge of your industry, and illustrate just how creative you can be. Show your customers, in the most personal way possible, how you strategically build campaigns in your industry, and let them truly get to know you.

Make it personal

More than ever, potential customers want to connect with a business’s values. Today, clients are picky — whether it’s a happy couple choosing a wedding planner, a musician seeking representation, or a retail brand seeking advertising partners — and they will Google you. How can you make sure you’re putting your best digital foot forward?

Make your business attractive by showing people what your company’s culture is really like. You can do this in a variety of ways: you can post photos from a service project the team takes part in, write a blog post about the best questions you’ve been asked in interview, or share a video from a great training presentation. Anything to tempt clients and make clear you’re the right cultural fit.

How are you going to use Pindify?

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You have amazing customers and Pindify will help to further capitalize on those relationships.

By posting your behind-the-scenes material, such as pictures, videos, and copy from your campaigns you'll have a whole new platform to present to existing and potential clients. Use Pindify as your in-house platform and blog, update it frequently, and become close to your followers.This is how you’ll make money out of all of your work.

Always make sure you have permission from existing clients to share your work with them online!

What are you going to do to succeed?

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to succeed and earn money on Pindify.

  • Post content exclusive to Pindify. Then customers will be motivated to follow your channel.

  • What content can you can post on Pindify? The sky’s the limit!

    • For example, you can link to tickets for upcoming events and contests for your brand. Everyone loves free stuff!

    • Think about how to build hype for upcoming collaborations. Compelling cards on Pindify will help drive curious viewers to your main website.

    • You can create inspiring content on how you work with customers and meet their needs.

    • Don’t underestimate the draw of behind-the-scenes photos. Bring your dog to the office day? Shiny new espresso machine? Your fans want to see the goods!

  • Pindify is a platform where anyone associated with your business, from the summer intern to the CEO, can contribute to building your brand online.

    • What kind of articles connect with your audience? Let’s say you’re an online magazine with a podcast presence. You should post about the role of media in the public square, the rise fake news, and anything else you think is interesting for your niche.

    • If you have conducted an interesting survey or market research, post about it on Pindify.

    • Many brands have a general blog and a tech blog. That’s a great example of two distinct portfolios you could and should create for your business.

The most important takeaway is to post frequently, invite your fans and followers, and connect with them authentically. No one trusts content that seems canned.

You know your business, and you’re killing the competition. Pindify will help you take your online presence to the next level.

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