Publish a short text with the “Post” card. When publishing a post, you should be brief, but you could also think about a way attract followers with some catchy phrases. Maybe a short post will be something that you publish as a teaser for some other in-depth content you want to monetize such as a video. It may also be a simple status update about what you're doing right now, a statement, opinion, or quote you want to share.

Express yourself. Be cheeky, snarky, sardonic, or flirtatious. We don’t mind. The more cards you share on Pindify, the more fans will find you and interact with your content. Shake it up a bit. Write a post, and publish it. Then the next day you can upload an image or video. The more fans follow your cards and Portfolios, engage with your content, the higher your ranking will become.

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An Audio post can be anything from a song to an ebook or a reading of your poetry—listening to your voice could be a nice touch. If you have a podcast or have made a song, post it here. When you post Audio, you can choose to link an Audio file from Soundcloud or upload your own content. Audio post allows you to upload in the mp3, wav, flac and aac types and the maximum size of the audio is 200mb.

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Are you a video blogger with a Youtube channel or are you a musician with songs and music videos? Then this is where you will upload your videos. Upload videos on everything from lectures to tutorials or behind-the-scenes peek into your life as a musician. When posting a Video, you can choose to link a video from Youtube or Vimeo, or you can choose to upload your own content. A Video post can be uploaded in the types mp4 and ogg and the maximum size of the video is 512mb.

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An image publication means that you can choose to post an image or photo. You can post pictures and photos of everything or anything that inspires you. It may be a digital image of artwork that you have created. It can also be a digital design, some kind of sketch or illustration, or just a social photo where you show something you do everyday and want to share your story with our global community. When posting an image, you can choose to link an image from Pinterest or Tumblr by copying and linking the image address, or you can choose to upload your own content. You can upload an image in jpg, jpeg and png, and the maximum size of images is 15mb.

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A Text publication is a longer form text. For example, it may be an article, an ebook, a lyric to music,  or a review. Anything you want to share with the outside world. You should select an image that you want as the “cover” of your text. Like the cover of a book. You can give it a sexy, chic, minimalist, or moody look. Be creative. It can either be an image that you have taken or created yourself, or you can link a picture from Pinterest or Tumblr by copying and linking the image address.

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Are you sharing contribution rights with a collaborator? This is a way to share earnings distributions and inspire others to collaborate on Pindify. One thing that sets Pindify apart is our strong sense of community. Across genres and industries—shared ingenuity with other creatives and entertainers from across the globe is what we have in mind. When creatives band together there is more power in our voices. Collaboration and shared ownership is a way to create this Pindify community. There are several ways to collaborate with other Pindify Providers.

When you post a card, you can choose which Pindify Providers to share the earnings and what percentage each Provider will receive. This is great way to share earnings for a smaller project. For example, if you want to release a new song, and credit a producer, and the videographer and director of the accompanying music video, each receives a shared percentage of the content for that card. The percentage of each collaborator will be automatically distributed to each contributing Provider.

Another option is to share contribution rights with a collaborator or group of collaborators for a larger ongoing project. For example, you may create a Portfolio with other creative artists, which means those shared earnings distribution are split for the entire project and the content that is posted on the cards are split between all contributing members. For example, a musical artist who has her solo projects may also create a Portfolio for a band where she splits the ownership 40/30/30 with her other two band members. So all of the content that is published on all the individual cards for that band’s Portfolio are distributed according to those shared percentages.