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Fashion & Culture Influencer

We feel your pain...

As a creative fashion and cultural influencer, you create so much impressive content. You are on the leading edge of fashion, culture, and architecture and you’ve always had an eye for the aesthetic. You plan photoshoots, write creative captions for your posts, and manage your online persona and the niche look you’ve probably spent years curating. Following your favorite designers and fashion gurus has been your obsession. You craft fresh leading-edge outfits—the perfect yellow mube paired with a quaint watchlet and the cutest trogues. Architecture. Food. Culture. Yesss!

As a fashion influencer, tt is basically your calling to take runway fashion and make it approachablegrunge and preppy plaids, urban rebel camp to spike-heeled pumps and princess skirts. You may also be crafting exciting itineraries, and styling your meals, to let your followers absorb the full cultural experience that is, well—so you. Your style is fresh and compelling and, let’s face it, the world needs your help with fashion and culture. To say the least, you are a trendsetter. Can we say avant-garde? So chic magnifique. Your unique content lives and breathes on all your social media channels, and it is free for everyone to consume.

But, you spend hours and hours planning and creating unique content to publish on all your social media channels and what do you get? For your creative sweat, blood, and tears?

You often don’t get paid for the time spent preparing all your content, and you definitely do not get paid if you post content without sponsorship. Generally speaking, the only way most fashion influencers are able to monetize their content is via sponsorship. This can negatively impact the authentic persona you are trying to curate.

At Pindify, we know you need to compete with massive amounts of digital content and gain a niche audience and broaden your exposure. Pindify is ramping up to become the next arts and media platform that may be a salve for some of your specific pain points as a fashion influencer. We can handle your gripes in this competitive and ever-changing industry.


So here we are.

When something clicks and comes together, you just know it. It’s inspired. That’s what we are trying to create here at Pindify. Pindify is the next big arts and media platform—where you can earn for publishing exclusive content, and whenever your followers and supporters interact with your portfolio. We understand how many hours you pour into a project. We get it. How your best art is usually created from the deepest parts of who you are. And we understand that it is art worth preserving, and it is art that is worth sharingin a way that doesn’t cheapen your best efforts.  

While we cannot guarantee success in the influencer world—whatever metrics are being used to measure it—we are here to support you as you put your heart on the line. Pindify is a platform where you can curate content that reflects your best work as a fashion influencer. That passionate work that lights a fire in your heart. You want more exposure? You want to monetize your content, and you want to engage with fans? We get it.

You want a portfolio to capture what you love and you want a medium to express your arta platform you can link up with other media platformsand a marketplace where your most exclusive art is protected and where you can monetize your content.

Pindify is a platform where you invite your most loyal supporterswho can interact with you as an artist and experience your aesthetic and artwhatever medium you pursue. It is the platform where you can create your personal portfolio to share with supporters and fans and also for potential sponsors—if that is the route you would like to take. And you can get paid doing it.

 Our global community is ramping upand we expect big things. As we take off, we want you onboard.

 So. What Are You Going to Do About it?

Be Educated. Publish. Engage.


Be Educated.

Familiarize yourself with the platform. Discover its features and learn how payments are distributed. Upload your Portfolio, make edits, and learn how to manage your portfolio. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the Ambassador in your area to ensure you are supported and informed. We also have screencasts, FAQs, and other online tools to help guide you.



Create your own distinctive profile. Showcase your tastes and the particular “vibe” you bring to Pindify as a musical artist, and you will attract like-minded Supporters. This will be the fan base you are looking for—that reaches further and can appreciate your artistry. Pindify’s platform is intuitive, and it will be an organic process for you to learn how to navigate.


Engage on Social Media.

Invite friends and fans to follow or like Pindify on your social media platforms. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you invite users and they decide to be a Pindify Supporter, you will be able to collect earnings from them as they subscribe. Any time a Supporter interacts with your content, you may also collect earnings. You will also get wider exposure. Perhaps it is a single project you want to gain traction on—something you haven’t tried before or haven’t put out there yet—and you want a fresh platform to share and invite supporters, and gain a new following. Again, we are here to help support you, so reach out and ask for help from your Ambassador.

The Final Word..

It is an exceptional time to arrive at this place in history and to be joining Pindify as a creator of any kind. We have something special here at Pindify—digital advancements in technology and global connection meets personal, analog relationship building. Please invite and share our message in a way that enhances our culture, and promotes the free market platform we are providing for the world’s creatives.