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Get Rich

This part is all about how you make a living on Pindify. Follow this part of the guide and in the end you might be able to quit you day job soon.



How can the store earn money?

Pindify is constantly looking for the best way for your store (portfolio) to earn money from your arts and media. We have several ways for you to earn. Initially, we offer three clear ways for you to get you started and better engage your fans:

1. Send invitations.

2. Build a following.

3. Exclusive content.

Everyone is welcome in our shopping center

It’s free to join Pindify as a Provider, but you need to pay a Provider membership fee to be able to get paid. And it’s free for your fans to join, but to get access to your priced content and portfolio exclusives, they need to pay a Supporter membership fee.

Cashless stores

Instead of paying for all content and donating to portfolios separately, Supporters only pay the monthly membership fee. They distribute their payment to portfolios who invited them, the portfolios they follow, and the content they watch, read, or listen to. It’s completely ad-free.


Store administration

Before we go into details on how you can earn, we want to introduce how you can handle your earnings.

Profile account

Your freelance profile account is connected to your personal portfolio. Once the membership fee is paid and your profile is verified, you can start earning money. It’s also your profile account connected to your personal portfolio, that gathers your earnings and allows you to pay out.

Earnings from your own store

The personal portfolio earns you all revenues from invites and followers. Once your revenue comes in, you simply go to Manage Payout.  

Share the store with others.  

The page portfolio can be shared with other personal portfolios..You can share earnings, ownership and administration. You either create your own or get invited to join a page portfolio.

Earnings from content

The ownership of all published content can be shared with other personal portfolios. When you publish, you can also add co-owners by inviting external stakeholder or connect with publishers and licensing organizations. The publisher of the content notifies the other co-owners, about revenue-sharing percentages, which can either be accepted or denied. Your earnings directly correspond to the set ownership percentage.


Invite your customers to your store

Start inviting your fans as soon as you feel good about your portfolio.

Invites are managed in many ways. You can email, share from the platform, or directly give your links to your customers: 

  1. To your invitation page [].

  2. To your portfolio []

  3. To your content []

The same things apply if you share your content through social media or email. Providers’ links or emails will invite their fans or other Supporters to their onboarding page, where they can view the portfolio’s profile image, read a personalized message, as well as get the incentive to become a member on Pindify.