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So, we know you follow your passions because they’re what light you up. Many a naysayer has tried to discourage the most avant garde artists and bombastic entertainers from honing their craft. Boo to them. And a pie in their face. They should try getting on stage. We know you don’t do it just for the money. But we also know you’d love to make it big, or at least make some decent cash on the side.

We hope we can fire you up, support you, and make the process transparent for you. You’ll be able to see your earnings distributions, and view data analytics to see what is working, and where you can improve. We hope to inspire you along the way. Maybe you can quit your day job. Hey, it could happen.

How can you earn?

Initially, we suggest three ways for you to get started:

  • Send invitations.

  • Build a following. And engage with your followers.

  • Publish exclusive content.

Everyone is welcome. But let’s get fired up.

It’s free to join Pindify as a Provider, but in order to monetize your content, you need to pay a Provider membership fee. There are several plans to choose from. And it’s free for your fans to join, but in order to access your premium content, and your Portfolio exclusives, fans need to upgrade to Supporter status and become subscribing members. They can subscribe exclusively to your content, or gain All Access to consume all exclusive and premium content on Pindify.

The key to monetizing your content is to convert fans to subscribing Supporters.

This is the primary way for you to monetize your premium content as a Pindify Provider. Another way to monetize your content on Pindify is to engage your fans and Supporters. To earn even more revenue, you should galvanize a following and attract other Pindify fans and Supporters, and get them to engage with you and consume your premium content.  

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Manage Your Portfolio

Before we go into details on how you can earn, we want to introduce how you can manage your earnings.

Personal portfolio

Your personal portfolio is your main portfolio. Use it to post content about you, your solo career and your life. Once the membership fee is paid and your profile is verified, you can start earning money and receive Pindify Payouts.

Page portfolios
You can create page portfolios to make it easier for you to manage different projects. For example, you can have one page for your podcast, one for your band, and one for your online clothes store. Page portfolios can have several members and ownership percentages are easily set for each member of the page. You can also collaborate with other Pindify Providers and share earnings distributions and connect to each other’s fan base. Know an amazing artist who isn’t yet on the Pindify platform? Invite them! Send an email or a link from your other media channels.

Earnings from your Portfolios
All earnings from pages you are connected to and content you are a co-owner of will end up in your personal portfolio. Once you have earned revenue, you simply go to settings --> Payout and request a transfer.

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Invite your customers to view your Portfolio

Inviting supporters to Pindify will be your main source of revenue, so be sure not to miss this step. Currently there are four ways to invite supporters to Pindify.

  • Share portfolio. By using the share button on a portfolio, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Anyone who follows the link and signs up will be tied to the portfolio owner. Fans should be converted to subscribing Supporters. These fans and Supporters are the primary way you will be monetizing your premium content.

  • Share a card. By using the share button on a card, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Anyone who follows the link and signs up as a paying Supporter will be tied to the owner of the card. This is how you monetize your content. They directly subscribe to your account.

  • Share your unique invite link. By using your personal invite link you can invite multiple people at the same time. This is how your invite link looks:

  • Direct email invite. If you would like your invite to be a bit more personal, you can use our invite system to write a customized message. Once you are satisfied with your invite, you just add the email address(es) and click send invitation(s).

If you are inviting other Pindify Providers, be sure to select “Provider” instead of “Supporter” under “Who are you inviting?” Collaborate and share earnings distributions and engage with your fans and Supporters.

Your invite link for Providers looks like this:

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In the News..Pindify’s Press Releases…If you would like to use one of our Press Releases for your media outlet or channel, please cite the author, the date it was written and the url.

Music Industry Seeks to Level the Playing Field with New Law

By, Elizabeth Jarrard

October 12, 2018

On October 11th, 2018, President Trump signed into law the Music Modernization Act (MMA).

Utah senior senator Orrin Hatch was co-author of the bill. The Music Modernization Act will ensure that musical artists and their publishers are not being undercut in the digital era of music streaming services. The MMA is long overdue.

These improvements made to the original copyright law circa 1909 will boost the morale of musicians and contributing artists alike.

In the cutthroat music world, it is something of an achievement when so many industry bulwarks align voicing their resounding approval of this new legislation.

Giant streaming services such as Swedish industry leader Spotify and Apple music will now be required to follow more stringent laws governing royalties distributed to musical artists, producers and publishers that contribute to the entire music industry ecosystem.

Smaller artists, producers, and independent labels have enjoyed increased exposure with the streaming economy, but have taken major hits in earnings potential and fair revenue distribution. In the digital age, the poor musicians became poorer.

Little does Senator Orrin Hatch know that Utah is also home to Pindify CEO, Christoffer Wallin. Prior to the MMA law being signed, Wallin and his team at Pindify created a digital platform that slices through all the red tape—and allows musicians, producers and publishers the transparency and fair earnings distribution shares they deserve.

Wallin shared an earnings distribution example for artists that publish their exclusive content on Pindify. Musical artists would be relieved to know that they earn a substantial percentage of revenue from every invitation where a fan becomes a paying subscriber—and earn additional revenue from every subscribing fan that interacts with the artist’s published content. On average, every fan that becomes a paying subscriber earns that artist $2.15 per month as part of an $11 per month subscription fee. Earnings also increase with fan interaction.

Wallin chimes in regarding the MMA law he sees will be a huge win for musical artists across the country, “Pindify is already transparent, which is what the MMA law seeks to accomplish for the music industry. Pindify is already an ethical marketplace where musicians and artists of virtually any genre can earn revenue. We’ve created a very transparent business model. Artists know what they publish, they see who consumes their content, they share the co-ownership with the other artists who contribute, and they see what cut Pindify takes. Which is very small compared to the industry giants.”

We all enjoy music and as the NMPA president said regarding Trump’s signing on October 11th, “Music has value – and that value is not reflected in the way songwriters and artists are treated under century-old laws that have not kept pace with technology. Right now, there is unprecedented momentum behind efforts to fix outdated laws that prevent music creators from earning what they deserve, and I am thrilled to say that publishers, songwriters, composers, labels, artists and PROs stand together to fix them.”

The MMA laws align with the new digital age of music. As with any industry ecosystem where everyone is valued and the playing field is more evenly distributed, the morale boost is sure to impact the music industry in dramatic ways. That can only be good for everyone.

For enquiries please contact Elizabeth Jarrard

Chief of Communications


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