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Before the lights go up and you’re on stage…

Pindify is here to support you while you learn how to publish your content and monetize it. We want to support you. We’ll be holding up cue cards from the wings if you forget your lines. We’ll be checking the sound. We’ll be holding up our thumbs and cheering you on from the audience. We’re the stage, the stage hands—and you’re the performer. You are the Pindify Providers of digital entertainment and media content. We’re excited to have you here!

Pindify is the digital platform that does everything to support the Providers of art, media and entertainment to amplify your brand, increase exposure and support you on your journey to monetizing your creative content.

Backstage is a detailed journey about what to expect as a Pindify Provider and how you can make the most of your time here.

For a simplified version go to step by step.

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Stage fright is terrible…

You have something to share with the world, but your knees knock, your voice quivers, you forget lyrics or your lines. Stage fright is the quintessential terrifying human experiencethe stuff nightmares are made of. Pindify is a platform where we believe in supporting you through your creative experiencewe won’t leave you hanging. Learn some of our tips and tricks backstage before the curtains are raised.

As an artistic creator or media entertainer, you may have never been on a literal stage, but when you bear your soul to an audience—you run the risk of rejection. Overcoming those very human fears of rejection is a lifelong pursuit. So we are here to commend you—and support you as you continue to share your creativity with our global Pindify community. Your audience awaits.

After all,

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

William Shakespeare, As You Like it.

No more stage fright..

Get on that stage!

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We’re the Stage and you are the performer. A Pindify Provider… 

But what exactly is a Provider?

At Pindify we created a digital platform where creatives, entertainers, and media providers could share their artistic projects, services and content—and earn money doing it. It sounds simple because it is. At Pindify, our Providers provide either service or creative content they want to share and monetize—using our digital platform as the medium. We consider anyone providing artistic, inspiring, fresh, exciting, and creative content and services as a potential Pindify Provider.

We have also designed a platform that will show you exactly what is working for you and what you can do to improve as a Provider. We want you to learn how to really carve a niche in your genre and industry, earn revenue, and maximize your earnings potential. Our Backstage is the perfect resource to show you how you can utilize all the tools you’ll need to earn a living as a Pindify Provider.

All Pindify Providers have a homepage which we call the "Portfolio." Whether it's music, text, photos or videos, the Portfolio is where our Providers publish all of their creative content. Depending on your membership as a Provider, you can publish content in distinctive genres and industries. You can explore different projects, publish all of your creative content, sell your collateral, collaborate with other Pindify Providers, and earn and share revenue! You can inspire and be inspired. All in one platform.

We’ve basically thought of everything!

We created Page Portfolios so you could work on projects distinct from your Private Portfolio. For example, you may be a solo artist who is starting a collaborative project. You've given it a "project name" and would like a separate Page Portfolio to work on that project. Or you might like to try monetizing an old project that's been collecting dust. Whatever it is that you’re creating, we are here to support you and we offer a bunch of strategic and creative ways to get there.

Need more help with building your Portfolio? Go to the Help section.


Provider Memberships


You can become a Pindify Provider for free. As a free Provider, you can view the market feed and follow our many other creative Providers. You may also follow, pin, like, and link free content. One page portfolio is available. But you cannot monetize premium content for free.

If you start with a Basic membership which is only $5 per month, you can view the market feed and follow our many other creative Providers. You may also follow, pin, like, and link free content. You can also upload, earn revenue, and consume free content. Ten page portfolios are available—this means, that you may have one personal portfolio and nine additional portfolios for other projects and for collaboration with other Providers.

This basic Provider membership plan is suitable for all providers who are creating content and are ready to publish and excited to earn. Fill your portfolio with exclusive content and invite your fans to get started. You will begin earning revenue when fans convert to subscribing Supporters and every time those Supporters interact with your exclusive content.

Understand that when you invite fans who become Supporting subscribers, they pay for your Provider membership plans. So upgrade as you invite!

Read more to discover our other membership plans…including our favorite—the All Access Pro Membership plan.

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Get even more bang for your buck… 

All Access Pro will allow you to view the market feed and follow our many other creative Providers. You may also follow, pin, like, and link free content. You can link, upload, and earn revenue as well as consume both free and premium content. Ten page portfolios are available. This membership plan is suitable for Providers who have published their portfolio on Pindify and want to collaborate with other providers. With the All Access Pro membership, you have all the benefits of the basic Provider membership and in addition, you may consume premium exclusive content from every Pindify provider. You may also discover other Pindify Providers, and team up to maximize earnings revenue and share wider exposure.

With an Enterprise membership, you can view the market feed and follow our many other creative Providers. You may also follow, pin, like, and link free content. You can upload, earn revenue, and consume free and premium content. Unlimited page portfolios are available.


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