Here you'll find everything you might need working as a manager for Pindify. 
If you are new to Pindify, we suggest you watch the video to get to know our founder Stoffe, a bit better. He’s the “Gardener” here.

Your Impact on the Global Market of Arts and Media is Vital to our Mission.

Arts and Media Account Managers

You wake up. You crawl out of bed. You rock it. And you do it all over again.

At Pindify, we envisioned a platform that would be an intermediary between the analog and the digital. Pindify Arts and Media Account Managers will have the ability to manage artists and musicians of nearly every industry and genre—in order to monetize the work and effort they expend—for little risk and exponential earnings potential. Great earnings potential—for a return on the investment of your time and life force. We take that seriously. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

This is in stark contrast to what is happening in the digital streaming era we find ourselves in. Lots of expended analog effort for very little monetary compensation. We will be changing that—with your help.

Pindify is a platform where you can scout creative talent, invite talent to the platform, manage their content, view analytics to measure performance and fan interaction, and where you can determine what cut you take as you manage these accounts. We have created an ethical and transparent business model for you to manage contracts with the creative Providers and compete in the digital era. You’re welcome. We’re in this together.

Now you’re ready to roll..

Pindify Account Managers are plugged in. They are informed. And, like a live wire—their extensive network, industry influence, and sales and management experience will connect with Pindify—generating powerful results. Account Managers have the eyes and ears Pindify needs to be successful and the people management skills that will rally creative combustion. We want Pindify to feel exclusive. We want different results, so we are doing things differently at Pindify.

As Account Managers you will be providing support and management for our artistic and service Providers. You may act as a sort of micro-label for musicians or an art curator for niche visual artists. As an early adopter you will have the great opportunity to be a powerhouse that has carved your niche in Pindify.  You will create a network of enthusiasts who are passionate about their industry and genre. Many of these creative and service Providers are busy creating. This is why your role as a Arts and Media Account Manager is indispensable to Pindify.

Account Managers have social influence, are relevant, in-the-know, and have a strong sixth sense for the coming tide of new arts and media.

We expect our artists and influencers to feel “handpicked” as they are invited—and arrive—to our platform. Pindify is a marketplace where they can earn revenue from the passions they are pursuing—and where they can thrive as creators and where as sales managers, you will help them manage their portfolios.

Account Managers must make it known that other potential digital arts and media platform competitors are not prepared to provide the earnings potential and transparency that Pindify offers. We created Pindify for creatives of virtually every genre and industry. Their struggle to earn revenue is your struggle to earn revenue. Their success is your success. Exponentially. You get the picture.

Since You Are Who We Say You Are—Your Level of Engagement and Your Potential for Impact Means We Need You.

As an Arts and Media Account Manager you will have far-reaching influence. You will liaise with General Agents and engage Providers—creating a symbiotic relationship in your various geographical regions. And you will have access to all global markets within the platform. You will also be informed about how to attract potential Providers—who are creatives of all sorts—and get them to galvanize their fans and convert them to subscribing Supporters.

The more successful you are at managing your Providers and understanding the analytics to convert fans to Supporters, the sooner Pindify will become what it was meant to become, what it hopes to achieve—an animated, pulsing, prolific, collaborating digital global marketplace. A platform that empowers the world’s creatives by monetizing their content in fair and transparent distribution models.

Account Managers have a sense for the coming tide—the most relevant, avante garde arts and media content very specific to their region. When Providers are coached and their profiles are managed properly, they will understand this process and will bring their Supporters to Pindify.

We Hope You’ve Caught the Vision.

So Now You Need Some Instructions about How to Get Engaged.

Account Managers have a sense for the coming tide—the most relevant, avante garde arts and media content very specific to their region. Account Managers will coach Providers on ways to earn revenues from their content, and engage their Supporters. When Providers are coached properly, and understand this process well, they will bring their Supporters to Pindify.

For Now...

As Pindify ramps up its platform to support our mission, we envision Account Managers scouting and inviting talent—in all genres of arts and media—and engaging Providers and Supporters in two ways:  

In the short term: Connecting with, informing, and inviting potential Providers such as writers, bands, artists, bloggers, podcasters, and designers to Pindify. There are several ways to do this, both digitally and networking in person. Manage your Providers. Encourage them. Inspire them.

In the long term: Connecting with, informing, and inviting business entities or like-minded organizations to take interest in Pindify—so they can see how Pindify could potentially benefit both themselves and the artists and creatives with whom they are connected. These organizations may have deeper networks of artists and creatives at their immediate disposal.

Understanding Your Role and Engaging Providers

First some words about your role as an Sales Managers and how your relationships and networks and the way you manage your accounts are key to the success of Pindify.

Create Plans of Action Specific to your Respective Regions.

While Pindify ramps up its platform, and our Providers invite Supporters, Agents and Account Managers will have the great opportunity to curate a Pindify culture wherever you are around the globe. All Agents and Account Managers—located strategically in specific regions—have more information about their particular area of the world than we do. You will be able to sense the energy that is being generated from certain arts movements, emerging music genres, and other niche trends that are rising. We trust you to connect with that energy and bring it to Pindify—the world deserves to experience that combustion of new arts and media. Being immersed in creative energy is one of the most powerful of human experiences. That is why we have created Pindify.

Communication Between Agents, Account Managers, Digital Informants, and Providers is Key. We can make suggestions about how you can create a positive environment where communication between Agents, Providers, and their Supporters flows well. Ask us. We will have newsletters and ongoing sales trainings to guide you.

Knowing and Understanding the Pindify Platform is an Imperative. We suggest you take time to surf the platform, use it yourselves, understand it well, and publish content. Create your own profiles, and as the platform continues to update and improve—be aware of these changes—and inform each other. We are working constantly—updating and improving the platform—so ensure you are giving us your feedback about ways the platform can improve. And we also love hearing back about positive things we are doing. As you know, anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

Instructions On How to Get Started

In the Short Term

Connect, Invite, and Inform, and Publish.


As an Account Manager, you have been invited to Pindify because you have already shown your ability to connect with those in the arts and media industry. Agents have expertise in this area and gleaning information from them about how they are connecting and managing their relationships with Providers is an important part of the communication between your roles.

Generally, we see Account Managers bridging the gap between digital and analog relationship building and management. We envision you attending arts exhibits, live musical performances, crafts fairs, etc., and generally sharing the message of Pindify with potential Providers and using digital means to explore your niche in each industry you are managing. You may also reach out to potential Providers digitally via social media—mainly to gather an understanding of a Provider’s online presence. As we ramp up, we will be discussing sales scripts about how to approach these conversations. Look forward to these sales tips and tricks in future conversations and sales communication meetings.


What or who is Pindify and how do we share this message? First and foremost, you should keep this message very simple. And if you haven’t gotten the message yet, we will reiterate it for you: Pindify is marketplace where creators can earn revenue from the passions they are pursuing—and where they can thrive as creators. A marketplace where—as Providers—they can financially thrive by monetizing their creative content. The way they do this is to invite their Supporters and encourage them to share and interact with their published content. You will be given detailed instructions about the earning structure. For now, let’s keep it simple.  


After you have connected with and informed potential Providers, send an email. Follow up with a phone call. We are “selling” a product, but we need to be sexy about it. We aren’t the desperate new divorcé at the bar. We have email templates for you that will illustrate how to invite. Look forward to new sales information and tips and tricks in further manager meetings.

Account Managers who have been enlisted by Agents, invite Providers and Supporters. They also must support their Providers. Providers may invite other Providers with whom they can collaborate and inspire, and they also invite and engage Supporters. We built our platform for creative Providers in mind.

There are three easy ways to invite Providers and Supporters.  

The first one would be to select ‘Invite’ in the top bar of your home page. By selecting this icon, a direct invite may be given by selecting from the drop down menu and by clicking the option to email. This is also a way to invite that can also feel more personal or formal.

Secondly, select ‘Invite’ and by selecting Ambassador, Provider, or Supporter in the menu, and you will be given a link. This option can be very efficient since the link can be shared on your social media platforms or via text or DM privately or in group messages.

Thirdly, share content that you like on Pindify to other channels, for example, Facebook or Twitter. You can share your own content or someone else's and you can see the share button on every card or profile on Pindify. Then when the content is viewed, and selected to consume, that viewer will be directed to the onboarding page where they may decide to join Pindify.  The owner of the original shared content will receive credit for the invite.


Create your own distinctive profile. Showcase your tastes and the particular “vibe” you bring to Pindify and you will attract like minded Providers. You need to know the platform well in order to share the message with others, particularly with our Providers. Pindify’s platform is intuitive, and it will be an organic process for you to learn how to navigate.

So. How Do You Earn?

Pindify is Transparent.

How We are Distinctive to our Potential Competitors..

Pindify is a real marketplace, not simply a library of subscribers streaming content, or creators receiving separate donations from patrons.

Pindify offers a full market system, with transaction models primarily based on subscriptions from our Supporters. Soon we will also feature trading, funding, promotions, and branding as additional revenue streams. Pindify will thoroughly engage with Providers and their Supporters, using the latest technologies and trends to help support the global Arts and Media markets.

A Modest Proposal

Some Examples..

Supporters pay $11/month (USD) and after VAT and fees, a market share of

$8.61 (USD) remains. This remaining dollar amount is then distributed to the owners and co-owners of the relevant portfolios and content.

Say a Creative Provider, by reaching out to her closest network, decides to initially invite 100 Supporters. These Supporters are drawn firstly from her closest network of family, friends, and loyal fans. These Supporters also invite their closest networks to Pindify. Of course, since Pindify feels exclusive, this will appeal to their need for curated exclusive content. From there, these Supporters are encouraged to engage with this Creative Provider—which means her Supporters will share, comment, like, and pin her creative content to their profiles. By doing this, our Creative Provider will earn more revenue. Here’s how this might work:

Your Lesson in Mathematics..Remember these?

Our Creative Provider eventually gathers 1,100 Pindify Supporters who are following and engaging with her Portfolio content. She also obtains 800 additional followers from among Pindify’s Supporters who are already interacting with other Providers. Her accepted invitations earn our Creative Provider $2.15 per month. Portfolios receive $2.15/month for each following (US) Supporter, divided by how many Premium Portfolios the Supporter follows (for this example, 1100 Supporters are exclusively following this Creative Provider’s content).

When this Creative Provider shares Premium Content (that is content that is only shared with paid Supporters), she receives $4.30 per month from those loyal Supporters. Also, she receives an average interaction of 33% from her followers (the more followers that interact and engage, the more our Creative Provider earns revenue). Now, let’s do some addition.

Profile PortfolioInvitesAverage followerAverage consumption
Average Following/ Consumption per Supporter. 7300
How Many Followers Consume Content. (Supporter Loyalty). 100%14.29%0.33%
Number of Supporters. 1,1001,90075,000
Subscription Distribution ($11).$2.40$1.60$4.30
Monthly Revenue$2,365$583.57$1,075

For 100% ownership of both her Portfolio and Content earnings, the Total Monthly Revenue earned by our Creative Provider is $4,023.27.

We have more examples we can share if you’re still not quite getting it. But, Pindify is far more simple and transparent than any potential competitors.

Additional Earnings for Managers

You will earn .26 cents per month for every subscribing Supporter that is invited and brought to Pindify either via you, or via a Provider that you have brought to the platform. This is a great incentive when you have the vision that Pindify is leading the edge for new digital arts and media. When we gain momentum, that earning potential will grow exponentially.

The Final Word..

It is an exceptional time to arrive at this place in history and to be joining Pindify. We have something special here at Pindify—digital advancements in technology and global connection meets personal, analog relationship building. Please invite and share our message in a way that enhances our culture, and promotes the free market platform we hope to provide for the world’s creatives.

If there is anything you feel is missing or would like to add to this page, please contact Hugo Dozzi. 


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