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Why Pindify?

Pindify is a digital marketplace built for freelancers and businesses in the arts, entertainment & media to collaborate, and earn from fan subscriptions, brand sponsorship, and the soon-to-be implemented feature, e-commerce.

Whether your passion is to manage, produce, write, present, perform, create, or entertain, never stray from your life's purpose. Creating stories takes time, consistency, and a lot of passion, and it can be difficult to make ends meet. To maintain this momentum, it seems you need to perpetually intrigue and entertain vast amounts of followers to break through and finally earn revenue.

Additionally, streaming services only offer in-house promotion. They promote uneven payment distribution, and offer no direct interactivity with fans. Social media platforms do not offer clear revenue models, and they distribute your content randomly, making it difficult to reach fans and organize content.

Pindify offers a completely different approach. We believe you can earn more revenue from just a few dedicated fans. Pindify has proven that 100 dedicated subscribers can generate more than 300 000 views/listens on streaming services.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 2.05.08 PM.png

But we did not stop there.

We created a ranking system for portfolios that promote engaging content. These portfolios grow in rank by reaching local, national, and global market feeds. We also made it possible to divide and share revenue with other providers, so that collectively, we grow our Marketplace from within and generate new projects and compositions from a place of creative synergy.

And then we went full on mental.

Pindify offers the opportunity for artists, labels, influencers, TV networks, journalists, magazines, podcasters, radio channels, managers, and publishers to work together to promote and earn from subscriptions, branding, and soon-to-be implemented, e-commerce (which will include selling merchandise, downloads, deeds, goods) as well as financial services (hiring, booking, crowdfunding, donations).



Pursue your life’s purpose with passion.
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How to Pindify.

1. Register as Networker

To become a networker, please reach out to the General Agent in your country. You can get in touch with them by e-mailing Hugo Dozzi. To be able to fully appreciate and support you creative providers, we suggest that you subscribe with the All Access Pro membership once you have gotten your account.



2. Set Up your Portfolio

At sign-up, you will be given a “Profile Portfolio” which acts as your primary account, but by creating or joining “Page Portfolios” you can collaborate and share revenue with other Pindify Providers. 


3. Share revenues

Thanks to Pindify’s smart contract distribution, all Pindify Providers & Networkers can now share ownership, rights, and revenue from their Page Portfolios and premium content. 


4. Manage Content

Create or upload all categories of media to tell your story, but also connect e-commerce, events, and social posts to grow your revenue and brand.


5. Publish

The Portfolio feed is where your fans and invited Providers land and are invited to explore your content. Make sure to set a good example and show your Providers what a Pindify portfolio should look like. The Market feed is where new fans or businesses may discover you and you providers. 100% of your publications reach your followers on their home feed. The library feed is where you organize and publish content for your fans.


6. Engage

Before you can grow in rank on the market feed and get new fans, you will initially have to promote your Portfolio and Pages like you would approach branding your own “shop” where you entice, entertain, and retain subscribing fans we call “Supporters.”

Grow ranking
In order for you to rank high on the local, national, and the global market feed, it’s important that you have a high engagement level with your existing fans. For instance, 1000 views and one like will lower your ranking, whereas 100 views and 50 likes will increase your ranking.

Once you’ve invited your Providers, it’s important to engage them, incentivize them and show them the ropes. A Provider has the option to connect with another Ambassador if he’s not happy with the service provided to him.


7. Earn

Your Providers Invite their own subscribers for $11/month and earn 25% monthly for every invite. Followers divides 15% to their subscription to all the premium portfolios they follow. And depending on the time subscribers spend consuming your premium content, 40% is distributed directly to you and other co-owners of that content. As a Networker, you will earn approximately $0.2 per supporter that your providers has.

Become your own brand ambassador via direct contact with brands that you love. When your fan segment matches that brand’s market segment, the brand will provide a proposal to you. You can set your price and accept payment automatically or manually.



Invite and engage your fans to increase your ranking and reach globally


What can you earn?

Networker Revenue

As a Networker, you will earn approximately $0.2 per paying supporter that your providers has.

Short example: You have 20 providers, all with an average of 1000 supporters each.
20 000 x 0.2 = $4000 / month

However, you could also earn as a Provider if you’d like, by utilizing your portfolios and any content you might accumulate as a Networker.

Portfolio Revenue

Your profile portfolio is also your personal account. This main Portfolio receives revenue from its own subscriptions, branding, sponsorships, and any earnings from page portfolios you have or share ownership of. The revenue from shared ownership on Page Portfolios amounts to the percentage of ownership preset for each Page Portfolio. Portfolios earn revenue from invites and followers and fan engagement.

Content Revenue

Your personal account receives revenue from the premium or sponsored content that you publish or are co-owner of. This revenue amounts to the percentage preset for each published card.

  • With Premium content you receive revenue by the percentage of time the subscriber spend watching, reading or listening to your content, multiplied by the subscribers $4.30 - $8-30.

  • With Sponsored content you receive revenue by accepting a proposal from brands. Brands match their market segments with your fan segment and they may offer you a proposal. The proposal connects price and variable payments for adding their Pindify’s standard marketing content to your publications. The proposal starts at $5/publication and upward, depending on your price setting. Variables includes your selection of cost per time, clicks, or views.

Example of Portfolio and Content revenue:


Profile Portfolio (Your personal Portfolio) | 100% ownership


($2.40) per subscriber

1,000 invited subscriber
12 months
(1,000 x$2,40) x 12

($1.60/# other portfolio followed) per subscriber

5,000 subscriber following/month
Avg.10  follows premium portfolio
(5,000 x $1,60/10) x 12

Content Consumption: 
($4.30 x % of consuming) per subscriber

10,000 subscribing consumers/month
Avg. 5% views on premium content
(10,000 x $4,30x5%) x 12

100% x ($28,800+$9,600+$25,800)

Subscription: $64,200


Initially $5 per publication and upward depending on your price setting.  

30 publication/month
$50 per post
(30 x $50) x 12

Cost Per Mille (CPM x $X), Cost per Time (Week x $X) or Cost Per Clicks (Click x $X)

3000 clicks/month
$1 per click
(3000 x $1) x 12

100% x ($36,000+$18,000)

Branding: $52,000

Page Portfolios

Page Portfolio 1 (Owner) 50% | Content owner 50%

Subscription: 50% x (Invite $10,000+ Follow $10,000) + 50% x (Content Consumption $10,000) = $15,000
Branding: 50% x ($10,000+$10,000) = $10,000

Total Revenue: $25,000

Page Portfolio 2 (Co-owner) 10% | Content owner 50%

  Subscription: 10% x (Invite $10,000+ Follow $10,000)+ 50% x (Content Consumption $10,000) = $4,000
Branding: 50% x ($10,000+$10,000) = $10,000

Total Revenue: $14,000

Page Portfolio 3 (Editor) 0% | Content owner 50%

Subscription: 0% x (Invite $10,000+ Follow $10,000)+ 50% x (Content Consumption $10,000) = $5,000
Branding: 50% x ($10,000+$10,000) = $10,000

Total Revenue: $15,000

Page Portfolio 4 (Co-owner) 50% | Content owner 0%

Subscription: 50% x (Invite $10,000+ Follow $10,000)+ 0% x (Content Consumption $10,000) = $2,000
Branding: 0% x ($10,000+$10,000) = $0

Total Revenue: $2,000

($25,000 + $14,000 + $15,000 + $3,000)

Total Page Portfolios: $57,000

Subscription: $64,200

Branding: $57,000

Page Portfolios: $31,000

Total Annual Revenue $152,200



Pindify is the Digital Marketplace that connects your stories to fans.
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