Hi there. If you found your way here, you are one of many artists across the globe who has registered with Spinnup - Great! As we care a lot about creators rights and what not, we are happy to introduce you to this new collaboration between Spinnup and Pindify. You obviously already know what Spinnup is, but what is Pindify, and why are we collaborating?

Pindify is a new subscription-based digital platform a marketplace for creatives. Spinnup artists are being offered a one-year free membership with Pindify, which will allow you to publish content, get familiar with the platform, gain traction and start earning by inviting your fans.

Why are we collaborating?
Pindify offers artists and other creators clear profit cuts from all the premium content they publish. You earn revenue by inviting fans and followers to Pindify (earn up to 7€ per invited fan). Independent artists like you deserve a service like Pindify. You will be able to maintain your independence as a creative artist and monetize your content in innovative ways.

Whether it be text, image, video or audio, Pindify has built-in an analytics tools so you can determine what your fans are eager to see, and when they want to see it – based on actual data.

Sounds great, right?
With Pindify’s unique business model you can earn revenue on ALL of your published content including behind the scenes material, live-streams etc. Monetize your subscriptions, endorsements, trading, and funding. All in one digital platform.

Sign up before April 1 to get to publish your content on Pindify for free for an entire year!  

Sign up here and start making a living of your passion!