Step one

Your portfolio

When you are first beginning as a Provider on Pindify, the first thing to do is to set up your portfolio. After logging in with your user name and password, begin setting up your profile by selecting the “edit” icon which looks like a “cog” in a clock wheel. This icon is located underneath the “magnifying glass,” or search icon which is in the upper left bar of your portfolio page. Here, you may upload an avatar and cover image by selecting the correct icons. Then go ahead and fill in your personal info and bio in the drop down menu. Remember you can change your username at any time.

The next thing to do is to select the appropriate career in the menu bar. These details will allow others to discover what kind of creative or service Provider you are. If you’re a multitasker you can select multiple careers.

You can also select some moods and interests. Moods are to set the tone & vibe for your Portfolio, this helps others understand more about the type of content they're likely to find on your Portfolio. Selecting your main interests will tailor the feed and allow like-minded Supporters and fans to discover your Portfolio.

The last thing to do is to connect Pindify to your other social networks and digital media platforms. You may also select a color from the color palette just to personalize your experience and give it a fresh feel. All done? Look to the next step and read more about how to publish content on your portfolio! It’s all yours! Give it a personal touch!

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Step two

Knowing the market

The second step you should do when setting up your Pindify portfolio and is to explore Pindify! Do this by going to The Market. All of the creative providers that you want to see and discover are at The Market. When you go here, you just start following the creators you want to see more of. When you start following people, their latest content will end up on your Home page and that means on your personal flow to consume every time you log in to Pindify. All content that appears at the top of The Market has the highest ranking. To get a high ranking and thus get on top on The Market, you must be active on your portfolio and post content continuously.

You also need to interact with other creators and with your fans by commenting, like and pin cards. To pin a card means that you can save a card for later if you do not have time to consume it right now or just want to save it. You pin it by pressing the button pin up in the right corner of a card and when you do that, it is saved in your Stash. In your Stash all your pinned cards end up and you will find your Stash at the bottom of the left corner. Go to the Market, scroll around and start following creators to find inspiration!

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Step three

Uploading content

The third thing to do is to upload content. Once you have decided what you to upload, go ahead and click the “Publish card” button in the top right corner. From there you will select where you would like to post this content and what type of content you’re posting.

There are two different ways to post content to Pindify. You may “upload” and “link” content. If you upload content to our servers, make sure to include all the copyright owners of that content. You may also link content from YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Remember though that you may never earn revenue on Pindify simply by linking content from other platforms.

Once you have uploaded or linked content it’s time to name it, write your thoughts about it, and categorize it by using moods and tags. Doing this will help other creators and supporters on Pindify find your content more easily.

The last step of uploading is to select who you want to see your content.

  • Choosing public will allow everyone to see it.

  • Choosing followers will only allow your followers to see it.

  • Choosing Private and only you will be able to see it.

If you mark your content as free, it will be open for everyone on the market, but you won’t earn revenue when people consume it.
If you choose to mark it as paid premium content, only paying supporters will be able to see it.

So how do you invite people to consume your content and start earning revenue? To learn how, read on to step four…Inviting Supporters.

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Step four

Inviting supporters

Inviting supporters to Pindify will be your main source of revenue, so be sure not to miss this step. Currently there are four ways to invite supporters to Pindify.

  • Share portfolio. By using the share button on a portfolio, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Anyone who follows the link and signs up will be tied to the portfolio owner.

  • Share a card. By using the share button on a card, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Anyone who follows the link and signs up as a paying Supporter will be tied to the owner of the card.

  • Share your unique invite link. By using your personal invite link you can invite multiple people at the same time. This is how your invite link looks:

  • Direct email invite. If you would like your invite to be a bit more personal, you can use our invite system to write a customized message. Once you are satisfied with your invite, you just add the email address(es) and click send invitation(s).

If you are inviting other providers, be sure to select “Provider” instead of “Supporter” under “who are you inviting?”

Your invite link for Providers looks like this:

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Step five

The insights tool

Once you have set up your portfolio, uploaded content and invited your fans, the dashboard/insights tool is a great way to get to know your fans better. From here you can track your earnings (coming soon), views, followers, pins and invites. You can find out where in the world you have the most fans - very useful for planning your next tour.

You’ll also be able to see what kind of content your fans like the most! Maybe you’ll discover that they are way more into your backstage videos and living room concerts than your poetry. Use this information to keep your fans and supporters happy, earn revenue, and finally be able to live on your passion.

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