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Visual Artists.

Thank you for lending us your eyes, your heart, and your intuition...

Visual artists are inspiring in mystical ways—in a world that quantifies what was never meant to be quantified—the visual artist cries “anarchy.” And for reasons only you understand, on an empty stomach and with empty pockets, you reach for the muse that calls to you. New metrics seem to quantify success in the visual arts: streaming numbers, social media popularity, and wide online exposure are more important than ever. You are working on your art—your niche—whether it is painting or drawing, ceramics, printmaking, or sculpture, we understand you need to create a digital portfolio of sorts. We get it. You want wider exposure and you would like it on your terms. What medium or platforms do you use for exposure?

Pindify is ramping up to become the next arts and media platform that may just be a salve for some of your specific pain points as a visual artist—and you can monetize your content. Pindify may be able to handle your gripes in this competitive industry. And where you can be inspired by the best artists from around the world—a platform where creatives and visual artists like you can find a niche following. You put your heart on the line. Or at least your ego. Did anyone else notice your effort? Well, we did. That’s why we created Pindify. We created a platform for providers of the visual arts that are looking for something fresh and relevant as a medium of expression.

So here we are.
When something clicks and comes together, you just know it. It’s inspired. That’s what we are creating here at Pindify. Pindify is the next big arts and media platform—where you can earn for publishing exclusive... content, and whenever your followers and supporters interact with your portfolio. We know you may have tried various media platforms to gain exposure or to share your best..creations with closest family and friends. We know something about the arts and media, and we know all of our creators at Pindify create their best art from the deepest parts of who they are.  

After all, for the visual artist who resides in the more abstract world, Albert Einstein said,

“the most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. His eyes are closed.”

Thank you for lending us your eyes and hearts and inviting us into the mystical and world of the visual arts.

While we cannot guarantee success in the world of the visual arts—whatever metrics are being used to measure success—we are here to support you as you put your heart on the line. Pindify is a platform where you can curate your artistic content that reflects your best and most exclusive work as an artist. That passionate work that lights a fire under your beret. You want more exposure? You want to monetize your content, and you want to engage with fans and followers. We get it.

You want a platform to share your most creative contenta platform you can link up with other media platformsand a marketplace where your most exclusive content is protected. Pindify is a platform where you invite your most loyal supporterswho can interact with you as a visual artist. And you can get paid doing it. Our global community is ramping upand we expect big things. As we take off, we want you onboard. As an early adopter, you’ll have the great opportunity to influence the digital marketplace that is Pindify.

So. What Are You Going to Do About it?

Be Educated. Publish. Engage.

Be Educated.
Familiarize yourself with the platform. Discover its features and learn how payments are distributed. Upload your Portfolio, make edits, learn how to manage your portfolio. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the Ambassador in your area to ensure you are supported and informed properly. We also have screencasts, FAQs, and other online tools to help guide you.

Create your own distinctive profile. Showcase your tastes and the particular “vibe” you bring to Pindify as a visual artist, and you will attract like-minded Supporters. And potentially, the fan and supporter base you are looking for—that reaches further and can appreciate your artistry—and your significant contributions to the visual arts. Pindify’s platform is intuitive, and it will be an organic process for you to learn how to navigate.

Engage on Social Media.
Invite friends and fans to follow or like Pindify on your social media platforms. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you invite users and they decide to be a Pindify Supporter, you will be able to collect earnings from them as they subscribe. Any time a Supporter interacts with your content, you may also collect earnings. You will also get wider exposure. Perhaps it is a single project you want to gain traction onsomething you haven’t tried before or haven’t put out there yetand you want a fresh platform to share and invite supporters, and gain a new following. Again, we are here to help support you, so reach out and ask for help from your Ambassador.

The Final Word.

It is an exceptional time to arrive at this place in history and to be joining Pindify as a visual artist. We have something special here at Pindify—digital advancements in technology and global connection meets personal, analog relationship building. Please invite and share our message in a way that enhances our culture, and promotes the free market platform we hope to provide for the world’s creatives.

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