Pindify is “Uber” for brands to find, pay and get endorsed by micro influencers.

Pindify is a digital marketplace where freelancers and businesses in the arts, media & entertainment will endorse and intensify your message or sales directly to their fans.

Whether you represent a local, national or a global brand, finding influencers to endorse you, is hard. Not because they don’t want to, but because there is a labyrinth of variables to consider.

  • Who should represent your brand, and do they truly endorse your brand to intensify your message?

  • Does their fan-segment match your market segment?

  • Do they have loyal fans with high engagement level?

  • What type of content should they offer?

  • Should they represent a vertical subject (fitness or food) or a geographical area?

  • Is their audience real, or is it fake accounts or clicks?

  • How to effectively caliber your campaign to reach your exact target audience?

  • How to measure direct impact to ensure a healthy ROI?

Furthermore common services mainly offers programatic advertisement with a wide reach of viewers with no real endorsement from the publisher. And high-end native advertisement with large influencers may not be financially viable if you’re running a long campaign.

Here’s how Pindify come into play.

We created a market platform for providers and managers of arts, media & entertainment to organize, engage and earn from their fans with content, stories and fan relations. Providers and managers (influencers) have the option to share earnings from subscription, branding, e-commerce and financial services.


So here is how we can service you:

Pindify offers the solution to caliber your target audience. Match your brand with the right influencers. Then you select and connect your marketing content with the influencers’ most trending publications. You create an offer by time and price. Each offer is individually accepted by every influencer manually or via automatic settings. Sponsored publications will be promoted on the market and shared on other social media platforms. Furthermore, all publications can also be reposted or shared externally by fans to multiply your message.

This is how it works:

Sign up as an Enterprise member (€69/month). Create a portfolio individually for each of your brand’s products or services. Publish and store all your marketing content (audio, video, text, and images) in your portfolio(s). Then go to manage>insights>publications: boost publication. Filter out your market segment, select publications to sponsor, set you price and time for the campaign, and fire away. Most providers has an automatic settings that gets the campaign started once your offer is right and that you’re in their category of companies they are willing to represent. You can also sponsor publications by selecting trending or interesting publications you find on the market. All sponsored publications is can be monitored in realtime on your dashboard.

And we have really dedicated providers from all different catogoreis and careers of arts, media and entertainment that makes it easier to matching your brand.

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