Hello, again!

Now that you’ve created a Pindify profile, started publishing content, and invited your fans - good job by the way - we thought it would be fun to get everybody together and host a Pindify workshop exclusively for Spinnup artists.

Our workshop will be held in Stockholm at Skeppsbron 38, and you’re invited. Amongst other things, we’ll be listening to guest lectures from music industry executives speak about how to succeed in the music business. We’ll be giving you some pointers about photoshoots and artwork for your next album cover, and Pindify will share some tips about how to effectively utilize social media to promote yourself or your brand.  

All of this, and lots more, at the Pindify HQ workshop! Bring some friends and we’ll have a great day networking and collaborating. We’re excited to meet you

The workshop is to be streamed live for everyone who can’t make it to Stockholm.

Date and more info coming soon!

See you soon!